Decorah Eagle Update – First Hatch Due In A Few Days, 3/23 to 3/25 – More About The Eggs

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I’m getting so excited!  The first hatch is expected in about a week!  I added a link to the livecam on the sidebar, so anytime you want to peek in on the eagles, click and it will take you there.

More About The Eggs

How big are the eagle eggs?

The bald eagle eggs are oval shaped and about as big as a baseball or tennis ball.  Here’s a great picture from CCB Eagle Nest Blog (a great source for info about bald eagles):

Bald Eagle Eggs with Baseball. Photo from CCB Eagle Nest Blog.

As you can tell, the color of the eggs is matte white when laid, but usually gets discolored when in the nest.

How does the eaglet get out of that egg?

With only two days left until we expect the hatching, the eaglet is fully formed.  Like a baby chicken, it has a sharp “egg tooth” on it’s upper beak, that it will use to start chipping a whole in the egg.  From the first little hole, called pipping, it could take 2 to 4 days for the eaglet to get completely out of the egg.  The little guy has been all curled up inside the egg, it’s going to take a lot of stretching and muscle to get out!

There were lots of “pipping” jokes on the Decorah chat last night!  Do you watch the chat?  It makes it very interesting and a great way to learn facts about the eagles.  Anywho, so, do you like Coke or “Pipsi”?  When the eaglet chirps, do they call him a “Pip squeak”?

Why do the parents turn the eggs?

Screen shot today from live webcam of Dad turning the eggs.

It’s called an “egg roll”.  Hehehe, for some reason this cracks me up.  Can you picture the little eaglet inside?  Wheeeeee…..  Great America here we come.  The Mom or Dad eagle turn the eggs to keep the eaglet blood vessels from sticking to the surface of the shell.

Preview of What the Eaglets Will Look Like

Can’t wait for them to hatch?  Get a baby-eagle-fix with this video from last year when two eaglets were out of the eggs, one still in.  Decorah Eaglets

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    sarah shult says:

    My hubby & kids have been watching this live eagle cam. We saw 1 baby yesterday:)

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