Decorah Eagles – Live NestCam of Bald Eagles and Eaglet Chicks

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Yesterday I posted about the Live Web cam that is focused on the nest of a Bald Eagle family.  I’m officially addicted!  It is so interesting to watch wildlife in their natural glory.

Meet the Decorah Eagles:

Family and address

They are called the Decorah Eagles because they live in Decorah, Iowa.  There nest is in a tree, about 80 feet off the ground.  Wow, that means they live on the “8th floor”!  The nest has been there since 2007 and it is approx. 6 ft across and 4 ft. deep.  Guess how much it weighs?  Approximately 1,000 pounds.  Okay, saying “wow” again.  Here’s a picture of some people near the nest to give you some size perspective.  Yes, you can say, “wow” too!

During installation of the NestCam

The camera that let’s us watch these beautiful creatures, well, there are actually two, are on another branch of the tree about 4 or 5 feet above the nest.

Wow, that's high.


The sponsors/owners of the NestCam are Raptor Resource Project (RRP).  Because they are wild animals, RRP does not name them – they are not pets, after all.  So we just call the female eagle, Mom.  How many eaglets has Mom had?  Glad you asked!  Right now, there are 3 eaglets (and they are adorable!!).  Also, 2 eaglets in 2008, then 3 in 2009, and 3 more in 2010.  But those have “flown the coop”, so to speak.  Eagles live up to 30 years in the wild, so there are many, many years of eaglets to come!


Dad is actually smaller than Mom and has brighter white feathers.  He also has “guy-liner” or black around his eyes.  To see more about how to tell Dad from Mom, check out this You-Tube video that has a side-by-side comparison of the two.  Dad met Mom in winter 2007, when Mom was four years old.  Bald eagles mate for life.  But if death, do-them-part, they will find a new mate.

Eaglets – E1,E2,and E3

The Eaglets are called E1, E2, and E3.  They are fluffy little creatures that tend to sleep and eat a lot.  And look cute a lot.

They were born April 1st, 3rd and 6th.  Eaglets grow quickly, adding almost a pound every four or five days.  By three weeks old, they are 1 foot high and their feet and beaks are very nearly adult size.  Between four and five weeks, the eaglets are able to stand and start tearing up their own food.  At six weeks, they are almost as large as their parents.

There’s also a “chat” so eagle-watchers can compare notes.  But be warned – this is very addicting *happy smile*.  Click here and watch with me!


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    We watched this as part of our homeschool.

  2. 2
    Mary Elderton says:

    This is so cool! When I was teaching Montessori Primary a few years ago in Texas, a bald eagle came down and stood not 3 feet from our fence, watching the children as they played outside. It was as though he were curious and understood that he was safe. He was neither afraid nor menacing…just watching. It was a wonderful experience, the children were fascinated. Thank you for posting this!

    • 3
      Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You says:

      Wow, that would be so cool! Great experience for the children….

  3. 4

    Most people dont even know there are eagles in Iowa!
    We have visited Decorha and it really is a sight to see the eagles nesting and flying around- they really are majestic birds of prey.
    I am addicted to the raptor cam too and the night the first hatched probably sat and watched for hours- like the other 155K- or more that night!

    • 5
      Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You says:

      I missed the hatching! I’ll have to go back and watch the video. I’m really addicted.

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    That’s so cool! BTW, New follower from Boost Your Buzz. Would love it if you could come visit us at Random Deals. Thanks!

  5. 7

    Fascinating. I can’t believe how big the nest is.

  6. 8

    We are nature show addicts so thanks for sharing.

  7. 9

    Oh this is so cool!! I had to bring my oldest in to read it and he was awed. :-)

  8. 10

    Aww! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  9. 11

    How cool is that. I would have never climbed that tree to the nest.
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  10. 12

    omg how amazing!
    pammypam recently posted..Early Childhood Literacy

  11. 13

    I have to check on this myself and let my daughters know about it. They love animals of all kinds and anything on the internet. Wow!
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