Del Monte Fresh Produce is Giving Away (200) $50 Coupon Booklets to Facebook Fans

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It’s not easy this time of year to stay healthy without gaining weight.  We’re rushing here and there, shopping, visiting friends who have delicious homemade cookies…  Ah, love the holidays!  But what can we do to avoid adding pounds?

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stick to your exercise plan!  That’s what will give your body the extra vitamins and the much needed energy to survive the holidays in great shape.

To help keep your budget and your waist in line, Del Monte Fresh Produce is giving away 200 $50 fresh produce coupon booklets to their Facebook fans!

The promotion is going on now and ends 12/14, so don’t delay! Enter at the Del Monte Fresh Produce Facebook Page.  Winners will be notified by 12/16!

Five Tips for Healthy Eating Over the Holidays

1.  Don’t go to parties hungry.

Munch a piece of fruit (or two) before you go.  You’ll be more in control when confronted by those tempting sweets and able to just sample instead of devour.

2.  Fill your plate with veggies.

Many hosts serve a crudite platter with fresh, raw veggies.  Fill at least half you plate with these low calorie, healthy munchies.

3.  On a fruit and cheese platter, go for the fruit.

Cheese can be dangerous territory, so go for more fruit.  Grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe – all better than the cheddar.

4.  BYOV – Bring Your Own Veggies.

If you are bringing a dish to the event, bring something healthy!  A crudite platter with lowfat dip or homemade salsa with baked tortilla chips.  You know there will be a healthy choice if you bring it!

5.  Dance the Night Away.

Incorporate exercise into the party itself.  Dance, take a walk, play a video game – don’t just sit on the couch and munch.

For healthy, delicious recipes using Del Monte Fresh Produce, go to

Good luck in the contest
and Happy Healthy Holidays!
Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated.  This is a paid post.
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