@DeltaFaucet New Showroom in Chicago and My Powder Room Remodel

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My powder room is only 7 feet by 3 feet, but wow, I could pack a lot of outdated, ugly into those 21 square feet!  Step in Delta Faucet.  My knights in shining armor!  I was fortunate to attend the grand opening of the new Delta Dream2O showroom in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart and start dreaming of a new look for my old, ugly bathroom.  Adding a new faucet to your bathroom can make a tremendous change.  Maximum impact for a minimum price.  The showroom is called Dream 2O for good reason!

If you are remodeling a bathroom, designing a new space or just looking for a new faucet and live in the Chicago area, I have to encourage you to visit the Delta showroom in the Merchandise Mart.  Wow.  It will blow you away.  It is over 3,000 square feet.  All the Delta faucets are there and they are all plumbed for running water so you can actually try them to see the water flow.  How cool is that?  Seriously, isn’t it difficult to choose a faucet when you can’t try it?

“The Dream2O showroom was designed to be a one-of-kind space where visitors can see for themselves what makes Delta and Brizo products stand out,” said Susan Fisher, vice president of marketing for Delta Faucet Company.  “From the sound and feel of a laminar flow ribbon faucet, to the size of water droplets coming from our showerheads featuring H2O kinetic Technology and the sensitivity of our touch-activated faucets, the working units and technology within the space were intended to appeal to senses and offer more information about the products than just how they look.”

Someday… *oops* sorry, I’m dreaming again…  In the Dream 2O showroom, there is a huge interactive touch screen (9 feet by 3 feet) – similar to a gigantic iPad on the wall.  You can upload a picture of your sink/vanity and then pull in different faucets to see how they look.  It’s so futuristic and fun!  There are even iPads that you can borrow and use to read about faucet features as you tour the showroom.  This is high tech with a purpose.

The Dream2O showroom is also “green”.  The showroom was designed to reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability.  Bamboo floors, recycled carpet – ninety percent of the materials used throughout the space are recycled, recyclable, or sustainable .  On a fun note, even the mannequin arms used in the showroom’s front window were rescued from a “used mannequin” store!

Art in window at Dream2O Delta Showroom, creating from recycled mannequin arms

I am so excited because we repainted and redecorated our first floor, powder room!  I can’t wait to show you.Unfortunately, my bathroom was beyond just changing the faucet and we decided to go with a complete change.  A new toilet (as a former volleyball player with bad knees, I love the taller seat!), new paint, a new vanity and sink and the piece de resistance?  A beautiful, new faucet from Delta.  The first time we had company over, the thing they talked about the most of the entire new bathroom was the faucet!

Here is the *blush* awful “Before” picture of my powder room.  Better things to come :)  Including a giveaway for you!  Delta Faucet is going to sponsor a giveaway of one of their amazing faucets for a KLY reader – stay tuned!

About Delta Faucet Company  Delta Faucet Company is one of the largest U.S. manufacturers of residential and commercial faucets. The company manufactures the Delta®, Brizo® and Peerless® faucet brands.  The flagship Delta brand develops stylish and innovative products that add functionality and help consumers find a smarter way to work with water. Brizo, a premium, fashion faucet brand, meets the demand for aesthetics and performance with a collection of distinctively designed faucets that create a fashion statement in the home, while the Peerless brand offers affordable faucets with proven design in a range of styles and finishes for both consumers and trade professionals alike.

Delta Faucet Company places a high priority on products that address today’s environmental concerns, such as accessibility to water, water conservation and water quality. To that end, Delta Faucet invests in internal processes and systems that provide innovative solutions and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. As a manufacturer partner of WaterSense®, a program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Delta Faucet Company is committed to working with the EPA to actively protect the future of our nation’s water supply. The Company also practices improved manufacturing processes to reduce its ecological footprint.

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because I received Delta faucets to review in the hope that I would post about it.


  1. 1

    Hey Kellie. I’m looking forward to seeing your after and can’t wait for that giveaway.

    Hugs…Tracy :)
    Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute recently posted..I’m Hip Enough To Groove with Mat Kearney

  2. 3

    I can not wait to see the after.
    shannon recently posted..Instead Of A Blog Hop I Am Going Through My Reading List

  3. 5

    I love before and after decorating. Looking forward to your photos.
    Jackie @ freeismylife recently posted..Read FREE Library Books on your Kindle device or Kindle App from over 11,000 Local Libraries

  4. 6

    I like the Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Touch kitchen faucet….you just touch it anywhere & it comes on automatically. BTW, your new bathroom sink & faucet are beautiful!

  5. 7

    I think it’s great that you could try the faucets before you try them.

  6. 8

    What a great transformation it looks like a different bathroom.Love your style so modern

  7. 9

    Yeah not too cute but a few minor updates and some paint I’m sure really changed the room. I love the look of delta faucets but also the quality.

  8. 10

    This would be a great way to see how things would look before you buy.

  9. 11
    Nicole Hanson says:

    I think the new one looks so classy!

  10. 12

    Wow, what a cool looking showroom! I like the feature about the 3D designing of the vanity and faucet. That’s great that they will let you borrow ipads to learn more about Delta :)
    Ashley Swift recently posted..#Free Icees Friday at AMC Theaters

  11. 13
    Wendy McBride says:

    I like what you did. This is a really neat way to pick items out.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  12. 14

    The showroom looks fascinating! And your new bathroom is beautiful!
    Crissy D. recently posted..durstslovepens: Check out my new powder room and enter to #win a @DeltaFaucet for your own makeover! #giveaway http://t.co/I1tbnka4

  13. 15

    Oh, I’d love to visit a showroom like that! Amazing. And your bathroom looks amazing, I just love it.. a completely different space and so beautiful.

  14. 16

    I could spend all day in a showroom like that :)

  15. 17

    We will be getting a new master bathroom in the addition we are putting on so I really enjoy reading these posts right now!
    Julia recently posted..Weekly Menu Plan ~ September 25-October 1

  16. 18
    Mindy Grant says:

    I just put an offer in on my very first house today and I’m so excited! I’d love to win a new faucet for my new house! That’s so cool that they have touch activated faucets!

    Mindy Grant

  17. 19
    stephanie miller says:

    how long did it take you to pick yours out?? omg, it would have taken me forever!!! i find one thing i like then i want to change the rest of the bathroom to match that one thing! LOL i found what i wanted, but definately would have to change everything to match! and love the touch faucets, so handy!!

  18. 20

    nice way to see things thanks
    apple blossom recently posted..Dangerous Mercy by Kathy Herman

  19. 21

    I saw your reveal on the giveaway post and really like it. You chose well!

    sundance (dot) survey (at) gmail (dot) com
    Mary T recently posted..Three Giveaways Worth Entering

  20. 22

    Yikes Kelly, I have to say mine is way worse than your bathroom was. Need lots of changes in ours. WOW, I didnt even know you could buy touch activated ones for our homes. aaahhh…so nice to dream!

    thanks for sharing. Id love to visit a showroom!

  21. 23

    I hate the way my bathroom looks, need a make over and DELTA has some GREAT!!! faucet that would make an AWESOME!!! change to their bathroom!

  22. 24

    I didn’t know that the Delta brand offers top-quality faucets. I’ll definitely add them to my list of companies. Thanks! :)
    Quanda recently posted..Today Freebie: Sample of Dial Lotion

  23. 25
    Betty Curran says:

    I really like that the showroom has actual working faucets. I think it would be much easier to choose when you can actually use the faucet.

  24. 26
    Jacqueline Griffin says:

    I love remodeling projects. Just to sit back once it’s complete and look at the before and after and say..ahhh..I designed this to my specifications! This is ME! =] It looks lovely!

  25. 27
    Leah Walker says:

    I’m coming from the post with the after picture and WOW!!!!!! It looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! I wish I lived there so I could go to the showroom too. We are building a house (well it’s a shop that’s half house and half shop) in two years when my daughter graduates high school. My husband has land that is down the road from my parents and next to his mamaw so it’s a great place for us to move. And it also means I get to rescue lots more animals!!!!! YAY!!! Anyway, sorry, I have started planning and looking and am so overwhelmed. Sheesh!

  26. 28

    I hate those little counter tops! And I love the end result!

  27. 29

    I love the photos you have here for us and i am looking forward o share this to all people and readers will definitely like it…
    Helga recently posted..How the leukemia AML Survival Rate Varies among Age Groups

  28. 30

    It’s amazing what new faucets can do to update a bathroom or kitchen. Your remodel is lovely.

  29. 31

    I love that they have the interactive screen in the showroom where you can see what the different faucets would look like. It makes the decision so much easier. I love the final look of your bathroom and think you made great choices.

  30. 32
    Marysa N. says:

    We have done a ton of DIY home remodeling. I love your project and it makes me want to get back into doing updates!

  31. 33

    i really love that they all had running water so you can try it out.
    asha marie pena recently posted..$2.00 Digiorno Coupon

  32. 34

    We’re redoing our master bath right now and are still in the demo stages. This post is the perfect inspiration I need to figure out what faucets I should use in the space we have. I especially love that the showroom was green. Makes it easier to go with a company who cares about our environment.
    Danielle recently posted..Halloween Fun {YoCrunch Giveaway}

  33. 35

    Wowza! I would love to use that showroom to finish my upstairs bathroom. The interactive screen is way cool. I have a hard time picturing the finished product sometimes so that would be awesome for me. Your bathroom looks AMAZING btw.

  34. 36
    Cynthia C says:

    What a transformation! It looks lovely.

  35. 37

    Wow! Their showroom is amazing! 3,000 square feet!

  36. 38

    Love the new sink and faucet! What a transformation!

  37. 39
    Deborah Rosen says:

    Working faucets in a showroom is a brilliant idea! It’s so hard to guess how a faucet would “feel” by looking at one mounted on a showroom shelf.

  38. 40
    Suzanne K says:

    Your after is amazing! I love it!

  39. 41

    WOW! That showroom is so high tech and just amazing! I also LOVE how you remodeled btw…snuck a peak of the after photo! LOL VERY much my style!
    angie recently posted..Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

  40. 42

    Nice showroom and its “green”. Would love to try it out myself.

  41. 43
    Betty Curran says:

    Your remodel looks great but I have to say it isn’t just the faucet that improves it. The new vanity and basin really make an impact.

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