Disney Art of Animation Resort – Combination of Comfort, Value and FUN! “Finding Nemo” Style!

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Are you going to see “Finding Nemo” in 3D this weekend?  It’s one of our favorite movies and it reminded me of when I was lucky enough to tour the new resort at Walt Disney World in April.

When I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference, I was given a sneak preview of the about-to-open Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.  What impressed me most was all the detail planning to incorporate fun into the usual comfort and value of a Disney resort.  I started to say “surprised” but changed it to “impressed” because I’ve learned that Disney will always give you and your family the best vacation experience.  So I am “impressed”, but not “surprised”, by all the touches that make the Disney’s Art of Animation a fun, new Disney resort at Walt Disney World.

Since April, more sections of the resort have opened.  There are several themes to choose from:

  • Finding Nemo Family Suites
  • Cars Family Suites
  • The Lion King Family Suites
  • The Little Mermaid Standard Rooms

The colors on the outside of the buildings in the Finding Nemo section are all “ocean” bright and fun shades. All the fish and sea creatures are to the scale as if you are the size of Nemo.


If you were the size of Nemo, how big would the sea anemone be? You can find out poolside when you play in the bubble fountains at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort!

And look how big Crush would be, if you were the size of Nemo! “Cool, Dude”

The family suites are designed to comfortably accommodate up to six guests and include:

  • 2 separate bathrooms
  • A master bedroom
  • 3 separate sleeping areas within the living space, which includes a generously sized dining or work table that easily transforms into a comfortable bed.

The colors continue inside – this is the part of the Family Suites for the grownups. Wait until you see the bed for the kids!


This looks like a table/play area for the kids in their part of the Family Suite at Disney Art of Animation Resort, but wait…..

Pull down on the handles on the wall art and…..

Isn’t this adorable, with Nemo and Marlin sleeping? And tomorrow, it’s back to a table/play area!

Even the shower curtain in the children’s bathroom  is fun!

The girls were delighted with the design details like the bubble-shaped light fixtures!

The Disney’s Art of Animation Resort falls into the “Value” category, meaning it is one of the least expensive of all the Disney properties.

There are three categories of Disney resorts:  Value, Moderate, and Deluxe.  Our family has stayed at resorts in all three categories.  Which is our favorite?  No one takes care of their guests like Disney does.  Whether we were staying in the deluxe resort or the value, we were treated like princes and princesses.

Why stay on Disney property?  For me, the main reason is it’s more of a vacation if someone else does the driving.  I’m not sure why, but I feel more pampered and relaxed when I don’t have to drive on a vacation.  If you stay at a Disney Resort, you don’t have to worry about directions, getting lost, traffic, accidents – all the stressful things about travel.  It takes away many of my worries when I know that someone else will get me from Point A to Point B.

There are many different modes of transportation on the Disney World property from boats to monorails.  The length of time you spend “commuting” depends on what resort you are staying at.  For example, we stayed at the Grand Floridian (Disney’s top resort) for the conference last year and it was a 5 minute monorail ride to Magic Kingdom.  After the conference, our family moved to a value resort and it was more like a 20 minute bus ride to Magic Kingdom.  But still awesome to have clean, reliable, comfortable transportation!

My other favorite reason for staying at a Disney resort is because it extends the feeling of “magic” into a 24 hour experience.  When you stay outside the park, you “leave”.  Especially in a resort like Disney’s Art of Animation, you are immersed in the magic that is Disney.

Disclosure:  There was a fee for attending the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.  I received  lodging, park tickets, gifts and access to special events not made available to the public.  The retail value of those amenities exceed the amount of the conference fee.  Disney has not required me to blog about the event, but I love sharing Disney experiences and information with my readers.  If you want to read more about Disney, please click on the Disney category tab in my blog header.

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