Disney Dream

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Disney Dream.  Yes, I regularly dream about Disney vacations…. DisneyWorld, of course.  Disney Paris is a HUGE dream, but now I’m adding a Disney cruise to my list of dream vacations.  Our family has never gone on a cruise and I’ve had a few friends say, if you’re not sure you’ll like it, go Disney.  Disney does it right and you’ll be guaranteed to love it.  Also, being Disney, Rosie will love it and in our house we know, if Rosie ain’t happy, nobody is happy!

The Disney Dream is a new cruise ship setting sail for the first voyage on January 26th. Sean and I are having a big wedding anniversary on the 12th *hint* *hint* and wouldn’t that be an amazing way to celebrate? Did I say *hint* *hint*?

Last year at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I got a sneak peek at the Dream and oo, la, la!  What I remember most is the AquaDuck – a water coaster!  It looked like such a blast!!

Are you Dreamin’ with me yet?


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    I am dreaming of that right along with you! I would love to set sail on that Disney cruise!

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    This is my dream too since I also got the sneak peak at the Disney Social Media Moms conference.

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    We would love to go on a Disney cruise. Right now we are planning the first trip to Disney with our daughter for next year. Can’t wait!

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    Found through Stumble Tumble Tuesday! Happy to have found you!

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