Disney Vacation Planning Tips

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Are you thinking about planning a trip to a Disney Destination?
There are some great deals available right now.

Everyone has different vacation habits and budgets, but here are a few tips from our recent trip!

Q: Where to book your trip?

I strongly recommend using Disney Travel to book your vacation. You will have the “Disney Difference” of quality customer service from the beginning to end of your trip. If any special offers start after you’ve booked your trip, Disney travel will adjust your offer, in most cases.

We went on a trip two years ago with other families, they booked through Disney and we didn’t. We got a slightly better deal initially by booking through a popular travel site, but theirs (booked through Disney) was upgraded to a free meal plan saving them hundreds of dollars. We weren’t eligible because we had gone through someone else. Lesson learned!

You can click here to book online or call (407) 939-7500.

Q: Where to stay?

I also strongly recommend staying on Disney property in one of their resorts. The convenience is unbeatable, the service incredible, and the price reasonable. We’ve now stayed in one each of the “value”, “moderate” and “deluxe”. I would recommend any of them, depending on your budget.

Disney Resorts offer Online Check-In up to ten days before your trip. We were staying at All-Star Music, which is a huge complex of buildings. Using the online check-in allowed us to request a room close to transportation and on the first floor. A first floor room has its benefits and drawbacks. Easy access is a big plus and time-saver. It’s amazing how much time you can spend waiting for elevators, but with first floor, you just walk right in. I was a bit bothered by the plumbing noises, and Sean pointed out that if we were on a higher floor those wouldn’t be so loud.

Tip about All-Star Music: The closest buildings are called “Calypso”. They border the main pool. If you are looking for a quiet location, these are not the buildings for you! We stayed in the next building which was “Jazz Inn”. Our room was close to the playground, also! The location was perfect for us – close to the pool, the lobby/restaurant, and bus stop.

Q: What are the current deals?
Click here to see Special Offers. If you’re only staying 2 nights, there’s an offer to save up to 40% on your lodging. If you’re lucky enough to be staying 5 nights, you can get the Meal Plan free! That’s savings of $689 for a family of 4! I have another post planned to talk about the Disney Meal Plan, stay tuned!

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