DIY Box Tops Containers! Give to Friends And Family For Help! #BTFE

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Disclosure:  This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Last week we went shopping for General Mills products with bonus Box Tops for Education at Walmart.  FIVE Box Tops on each product!  Did you see my post about making shopping with kids more fun?  My daughter’s school collects Box Tops and uses the money for purchasing athletic equipment for their phys ed program.  My husband and I would love to be able to donate equipment, but we just can’t afford to.  What we can do, though, is collect Box Tops.  My mom and best friend feel the same way.  If they could, they would build a gymnasium for her school.  Even though we don’t have the money to do that, we can help out by collecting Box Tops.

Earn Cash with Bonus Box Tops at Walmart #BTFE #TapInfluence

Do you want to collect Box Tops but somehow never seem to do it?  Been there!  The key is to make it super easy to do.  If it’s not easy, despite the best intentions, you may not get around to it.  For our family, the difference is having a collection bin located in a convenient place.  But what about my mom and my friends?  Aha!  We can make a collection bin for them!

Create Your Own Box Tops Container

Everyone loves kids’ art, and especially the people who love your kids.  Your Box Tops collection bin can be that art!  If you have the time, create something with them.  If you are rushed like I am this week, use art you’ve already saved.

What I used:

Supplies for Making Your Own Box Tops Container #TapInfluence #BTFE

  • Art created by your kids
  • Photos
  • An empty cardboard box, I used the Nature Valley Granola Bar Box
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Clear, adhesive paper

How to make a Box Tops Container:

Box Top Container #BTFE #TapInfluence

  • Take apart the cardboard box and use it as a pattern to cut out construction paper.

Cut out Box Tops

  • Cut out the Box Tops (you want to turn those in to your school!).  Put a patch over the bonus Box Top, I used clear tape doubled so it won’t be sticky on one side.

Cut Hole in Top for Box Tops

  • Cut a hole in the top where Box Tops can be dropped in.

Glue construction paper to box


  • Glue the construction paper on to the cardboard.


Reconstruct the box

  • Reconstruct the box and reinforce any weak areas with tape.

Glue art and photos to box

  • Glue your child’s art work and / or photos to the box.


  • Apply clear self-adhesive film


  • Apply clear adhesive over any art work and photos.  Glue a magnet to the back.


Enjoy your diy box tops container


What does your school need?

I’m guessing the list is pretty long.  One of the best things about Box Tops is that the money can be used for whatever your school wants.  Your passion might be Health and Physical Education, or perhaps Art.  Would the Music department at your school love extra money?  What about the soccer or football team?  

YOUR school decides whether they want new sports equipment, new computers or whatever you need!

Why Save Box Tops?

Have you clipped Box Tops in the past?  If it doesn’t sound familiar, Box Tops for Education is one of America’s largest school earnings loyalty programs.  My daughter’s school is one of the over 80,000 participating schools.  Since Box Tops started in 1996, they have contributed over $525 million to participating schools.  Those 10 cents add up!  Help your school!

For more information about how you can help your school with Box Tops for Education, visit these sites:

Walmart Box Tops for Education

General Mills National Box Tops for Education

Share in the comments who you know that might love to receive a

collection container for Box Tops decorated with your child’s art!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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