Do You Know Someone Who Would Appreciate Being Told They Are loved+blessed®? #LoveAndBlessed #FlyBy

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Disclosure:  KLY was compensated for this post.

Do you know someone who would appreciate

being told that they are loved+blessed®?

loved+blessed® is a subscription box but different because it’s about hope and encouragement, rather than products.  Each month they will send someone of your choice (or yourself) a box in the mail.  Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail, right?

Loved And Blessed Box

The box contains encouragement that will remind the recipient that they are loved+blessed®.  It might be things like a journal, or a trinket, or a bookmark.  The box I received was centered around the theme, “Beauty”, and it contained among other things, a compact mirror with the message, “You are beautiful.”  I was getting ready to go for a run and wearing shorts for the first time this season.  You know how it is when you are going out in shorts for the first time, right?  The word pasty comes to mind.  I was feeling anything BUT beautiful, so it was perfect timing.

Loved And Blessed Mirror

My loved+blessed® box contained a mini poster, a reminder sticker, a scripture card, a theme sticker, a silicone bracelet, a prayer journal and as I mentioned above, the compact mirror.  Everything was inspirational and made me feel loved+blessed®!

Loved and Blessed Poster

Loved And Blessed Open Box
loved+blessed® is running a giveaway with an amazing prize – a YEAR of Encouragement, 12 loved+blessed® boxes!! Click here to enter the YEAR OF ENCOURAGEMENT GIVEAWAY!

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