Do Your Eyes Light Up When Your Child Walks In The Room? Oprah’s Lifeclass Tonight

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Are you watching Oprah’s Lifeclass?  I’ve seen most of the episodes.  I DVR it and then watch after Rosie’s gone to bed.  For me, Oprah is one of the most fascinating people alive.  If I could chose anyone to have dinner with tomorrow night, Oprah would definitely be one of my top wishes.  The public sees so much of her and yet so little.  I feel like I know her, but I don’t.  Her shows are always about someone else.  Even the Lifeclass, with only Oprah as a live host, still is about everyone else.  My absolute favorite Oprah shows have been the Behind the Scenes series because they are the most in-depth view we, as an audience, have had of this amazing person.

If you’ve been reading KLY for awhile, you know I have been lucky enough to go to two tapings of the Oprah show.  Both were just so exciting for me, it’s hard to even describe.  I love telling the stories about them – in fact at my daughter’s Halloween parade I was telling stories because there were children dressed as Lady Gaga and that was one of the guests on the last show I went to.

But what prompted me to start this post today is the email I received about tonight’s show.  I can’t wait to see it!  Oprah is going to talk about others feel appreciated, validated, important and loved.  Does your face show your true feelings?  I get so very frustrated because my face doesn’t look like what I feel or what I’m thinking!  So many times, other people think I’m angry or bored when I’m actually feeling pretty happy.  My face absolutely no way reflects my true feelings.  Many times, people ask me if I’m tired and I’m not.  Or they think I’ve “disengaged” from the conversation and wandered off, when truly, I think I am listening energetically.  Even Sean, many times thinks I am not appreciative when I am thinking the exact opposite!

I will definitely be tuned in tonite – maybe I won’t even wait to watch the recording and make, I mean have, Sean and Rosie watch it too.

What about you?  Does your face show your true emotions?  Do others know you appreciate them? 

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