Drop Dead Diva Season Premiere June 6th

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Lifetime TV tricked me….. and I’m glad.

I’m a big fan of the Lifetime TV show Army Wives and always DVR it. At the end of Army Wives, the recording usually has the beginning of the show following. I got hooked on watching that show too – and I’m glad.

Drop Dead Diva follows Army Wives on Sunday nights and it’s one of my favorite shows. Have you ever watched it? If not, here’s a quick catch-up of the story. Brook Elliott plays Jane Bingum and Deb Dobson. Well, sort of. Deb Dobson was a wanna-be-model who was killed in a car accident, but instead of dying she moved… into Jane Bingum’s body. Okay stay with me here. Now Jane Bingum is Jane Bingum on the outside and Deb Dobson on the inside but with the brain of brilliant lawyer, Jane Bingum. Oh, I don’t think this is going well. You will just have to watch!

The rest of the cast is every bit as good as the star. Margaret Cho, plays Jane’s assistant, hard edged, smart, and funny. April Bowlby plays Jane’s best friend, Stacy, one of the only people who know what happened to Deb/Jane. Kate Levering, Jackson Hurst, Josh Stamberg, and Ben Feldman round out the ensemble cast.

Part of what makes Drop Dead Diva so fun is the celebrity guest stars. There was a particularly funny episode when Jane has to prove that the quirky Gregory Harrison is sane despite his extremely odd behavior including wearing pajamas (or nothing!) to court.

While I thought the series started out a bit silly, it develops more and more into an interesting court room show with well-developed characters. And it seems to improve with age, as they say.

Lifetime sent me an advanced copy of the season premiere, scheduled for June 6th and it’s a great episode. At the end of the last season, Jane’s husband (no one knew she had a husband, including Jane) showed up, and she was facing disbarment. In the first episode of the new season we find out why the husband and she goes to court for the disbarment. But, I’m not going to spoil the surprise, you’ll have to watch! Paula Abdul makes a guest appearance and of course, with Paula there has to be music and dancing, right?

On Sunday, May 30th, Lifetime will air an all-day marathon of the first season of Drop Dead Diva, starting at 10am ET. The new season premieres Sunday, June 6th, 9PM ET – Don’t miss it!

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