DVD Giveaway: Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” (US, Ends 10/2) #StreamTeam

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Netflix Disclosure


Wow.  Just wow.  I started watching “The Walking Dead” on Netflix and couldn’t stop!  The first few episodes were difficult to watch because of the carnage, but then I began to see through that to the characters.  The story is interesting, but it’s the character development that pulls you in and won’t let go.

Daryl and Michonne

I am officially a “binge” addict.  I love discovering new shoes on Netflix and watching them in a row.  I’ve even found that shows I watched through many seasons then started watching weekly, no longer held my interest.  There is something about being able to watch continuously that transforms a television series into more of a movie.  It changes a short story into a novel and I am more “drawn in” by the characters.

But zombies?  I know, it seems kinda out there, but it’s not the zombies that are the story, it’s human beings facing threats and facing each other that makes “The Walkng Dead” so intriguing.  If you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to give it a try.

Season Six is going to be starting on October 11th!  I’m giving away the DVD set of Season Five to get you ready.  Enter in the Rafflecopter form below and good luck!

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  1. 1
    Rita (@TommiesMommy14) says:

    Daryl Of Course he is a hottie

    • 2

      On one of the “Talking Dead” after-shows, they said there would be riots if Daryl died! I agree. They also said fans are clamoring for a Daryl shower scene. Oh yeah!

  2. 3
    Austin Baroudi says:

    Daryl because he is bada**!

    • 4

      I love Daryl! He started out a bad guy and then changed to maybe even the best guy. I wish Beth would have lived and they could have been happy for awhile longer.

  3. 5

    I love Rick! I think that he’s flip-flopped so much as a leader, and it’s been such a great roller coaster ride, that you’d be crazy not to love him!

  4. 6

    My fave is Darryl because he is a badass and I think he is sexy. I also like that he is so good with a crossbow.

    • 7

      Every time the other people would run out of bullets and Darryl had arrows, I would say, why don’t they ALL have bows and arrows.

  5. 8

    My husband thinks he is most like Dale because he tries to keep the peace with everyone, thank you for this chance to win.

  6. 10

    I have never watched The Walking Dead, but my sister loves Norman Reedus’ character.

  7. 11
    Laurie Nykaza says:

    I have not seen it but would love too

  8. 12
    Lisa Williams says:

    I love Daryl,he’s hot,he’s a great tracker when they have to find someone and he knows how to survive in the wild and he handles a bow like a real pro!!

  9. 13
    Lisa Williams says:

    The character that is most like me is Mashone,she’s always thinking,doesn’t trust everyone but defends the people she cares about with great passion and force,but deep inside she’s a warm and caring person. A loyal friend.

    • 14

      She has me convinced, I want to buy a sword. She reminds me of Daryl a little bit, quiet, strong and loyal.

  10. 15
    Jennifer Rote says:

    My favorite is Rick. He is sexy!

  11. 17
    Holly Thomas says:

    Michonne, she can take care of herself.

  12. 18
    Holly Thomas says:

    Same answer, Michonne.

  13. 19

    I’d like to think I’m most like Carol. I might not be as much of a badass, but I am loyal and I am a survivor.
    Kristin recently posted..Fridays with Frank: She yelled at me!

  14. 20

    It’s tough to pick a single favorite. It’s kind of a three-way tie between Daryl, Carol, and Micchone. They’re so strong and so tough, but they have a vulnerable side they don’t often show to others.
    Kristin recently posted..The Venta Airwasher is a game-changer!

  15. 21
    Andrea Williams says:

    I like quite a few of the characters but the most interesting for me right now are Daryl and Carol, especially the way her character has changed over the seasons.

  16. 22

    My favorite character is Carol followed closely by Daryl. Rick and Carl get on my nerves the most.

  17. 23

    I think that I’m most like Michonne. She’s always picking up on vibes that the others don’t. She also does whatever needs to be done in the situation.

  18. 24

    Daryl is our favorite, strong character!

  19. 25

    Daryl is my favorite character because he is hot and I love bad boys. ;)
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  20. 26

    Beth is most like me because she was very motherly.
    Deanna recently posted..Spice Girls Greatest Hits MP3 Album

  21. 27
    kelly mcgrew says:

    my boyfriend’s favorite character is Daryl because he has a crossbow haha

  22. 28
    kelly mcgrew says:

    the character most like my boyfriend (in his words) is Rick because he is a leader.

  23. 29
    bill norris says:

    any of the dead ones…. i would totally not make it through the zombie hordes.

  24. 30
    bill norris says:

    Daryl. he’s a kick butt character and the biggest reasons i watch. If daryl dies we riot.

  25. 31
    Nataile Brown says:

    I don’t have Netflix so I haven’t seen this show. Although, I’ve heard so much about it and it sounds fantastic! Thank-you for this super fun chance. :)

  26. 32
    Nataile Brown says:

    I don’t have Netflix so I haven’t seen this program. I don’t know which character is most like me. From everything I’ve heard though their quite a cast of characters. :)

  27. 33

    I can identify with Beth the most!

  28. 34
    Julie Waldron says:

    I like Rick because he’s so good looking ;)

  29. 35
    Julie Waldron says:

    Beth is most like me, I guess, not sure why though.

  30. 36
    Barb Stenby says:

    Glen and Darryl are my favorite characters

  31. 37
    Barb Stenby says:

    I am most like Maggie i think

  32. 38

    I would have to say Carol. Wonderful character development.

  33. 39

    I am like Hershel
    Lana Bradstream recently posted..Beware of Niacin (at least without an endo’s supervision)

  34. 40
    Julie Lundstrom says:

    I don’t have a favorite. My adopted son likes this show.

  35. 41

    Our favorite character would have to be Daryl

  36. 42

    I think I am most like Mischonne

  37. 43

    I like Daryl. He is bad ass.

  38. 44

    I think I’m most like Maggie though.

  39. 45

    It’s a toss up between Michonne and Carol. These ladies get stuff done.

  40. 46

    I think I am probably most like Glenn though.

  41. 47
    Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I like Daryl because I think he’s cool. He can do just about anything.

  42. 48
    Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    i think I am most like Maggie. I’m tough when I need to be.

  43. 49
    Emily Smith says:

    Rick is my favorite character.

  44. 50
    Emily Smith says:

    I think I’m most like Maggie. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my family & friends.

  45. 51
    Julie Lundstrom says:

    I am most like Carol Peletier

  46. 52

    Daryl is my favorite. thanks fr the chance, i love this show.

  47. 53

    i guess i am most like maggie. thanks

  48. 54

    My favorite character is Michonne. I love her personality, uniqueness and her relationship with Carl. It’s fun to watch them grow closer in a mother-son-like situation.

  49. 55

    I think I am most like Carol. She is loving and caring yet doesn’t let the realities of the world keep her from doing what needs to be done. She’s tough!
    Shelly Maynard recently posted..Calico Critter Family Set Giveaway 10/8

  50. 56
    Jessica Cox says:

    Michonne, she is so bad she don’t need no man come on she had zombies as pets

  51. 57
    Jessica Cox says:

    I am or was most like Beth I would probably stay back and watch the kids

  52. 58
    Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love Rick because he takes charge.

  53. 59
    Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I’m most like Beth because she is caring.

  54. 60

    My favorite character is Daryl because he’s the “bad” guy turned softy.

  55. 61

    I’d say I’m most like Beth. I’m quiet but loyal.

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