DVD Movie Review: Friends with Benefits – Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis #CBias #CouchCritics

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Shave your legs.

Pop some popcorn.

Curl up on the couch with the guy you love.

Watch “Friends with Benefits”.

Fade to blurry scene…

I missed this movie when it came out in July in theaters, but it’s okay because this is THE perfect movie to watch at home with your guy.  Rent it at a Blockbuster Express like I did, I think you’ll be glad you did!  Here’s my review.

Jamie, played by Mila Kunis, is a headhunter, excuse me, she prefers, “Executive Recruiter”, in New York.  She is trying to woo, Dylan (Justin Timberlake) out of his warm Los Angeles to become the Art Director at GQ.  It’s not the job that she tries to sell but the city of New York.  Jamie takes him on a whirlwind tour of the city she loves.  Dylan not only takes the job, but Dylan and Jamie are on the road to becoming best friends.

You know what it’s like to hang out with your best friend.  You can talk about anything and have fun doing anything.  I liked how the writers developed the friendship between Jamie and Dylan.  At first they just like doing the same kind of things, then they started talking about the present – work, etc.  Then they moved on to talking about the past and their past relationships with boyfriends/girlfriends.  When they moved on to talking about the past and their relationships with their parents and family, the friendship continued to get better and better.  Both of them were “between dates” and single when they decided to throw sex into the equation.  Hmmm, that adds a whole new set of layers and rules, ya think?  The age old question, “Can you just be friends – with benefits?”

When Jamie’s mother comes to visit and Dylan takes Jamie home for a holiday, we see more of their character – especially Dylan.  Justin Timberlake did an excellent job of portraying the complex nature of Dylan’s family.  We learn more about how he became the guy he is today and the challenges he faces as his Dad ages and becomes ill.  Jamie and Dylan help each other, as best friends do, deal with her difficult breakup with a guy and his family issues.

It’s very fun to watch male/female best friends.  They talk to each other honestly and frankly.  They have fun and play.  When they start having sex, it’s playful and honest.  The director did a great job of keeping a light quality to the movie but still have some depth in character development.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were excellent in their roles.  There were sparks between them, but their friendship was so strong, you believed them that they were “just friends”.  At least in the beginning.  They did a fantastic job of showing the relationship change and grow gradually.  This is a romantic comedy, so they are not going to get an Academy Award – there were no major tragedies or triumphs – but they were both great in their roles and made the story line believable and fun to watch!

Justin Timberlake has won six Grammy Awards and four Emmy Awards.  His fans have watched him grow from starring in The New Mickey Mouse Club with Britney Spears to ‘N Sync and then a solo career in music.  His movie career began around 2000 and his acting roles have included most notably the role of Sean Parker in the Network.  Did you know he does the voice of Artie Pendragon in Shrek?  And…. Boo-Boo Bear in Yogi Bear!

I first noticed Mila Kunis in her role in Black Swan.  She was stunning and mesmerizing in the role of the dark ballerina.  Born in the Ukraine, she came to the United States as a child and began acting at the age of nine.  I also saw her in Book of Eli – but didn’t even recognize her as the same actress!  After seeing her in Black Swan, I wondered how she would do in romantic comedy and was happy to see she was excellent.  There is one scene where Jamie wants Dylan to swear on a Bible.  Her Bible is on her iPad and they struggle with the orientation switching as he tries to put his hand on it.  It is very funny – all because of her skill in getting the timing just right.

The supporting cast puts in strong performances as well, especially from Jenna Elfman who plays Dylan’s sister and Richard Jenkins who artfully plays his father, stricken with Altzheimer’s.  All in all, I highly recommend “Friends with Benefits” as a perfect Friday date-night-in movie.

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I rented it from Blockbuster Express – have you tried those yet?  It’s a vending machine that rents (and sells) DVDs.  Our closest one is at a local gas station.  It’s quick and easy.  This was my first time using Blockbuster Express, but we are familiar with the concept of movie vending machines.  Whether you are just looking for any movie or a specific one, the vending machines are great.  I like to reserve mine online.  Our closest one is just a couple miles away, but usually I have a specific movie that I want to see.  At BlockbusterExpress.com, you can put in the movie and it will find the closest kiosk with an available copy.  Then you can reserve it so you know it will be there when you get out to pick it up.  I’m notoriously bad for returning movies and the whole “fine” thing for late returns always bugged me.  It’s the same thing to pay a “per day” charge, but it feels less punitive!  It’s that old guilt-thing *smile*.

Since it was my first time renting from Blockbuster Express, it took a bit longer than it will take on return trips because I had to read everything.  And I made a rookie mistake, hehehe.  You only have ten seconds to take your movie out of the bin and I was so busy taking pics for this post that I didn’t get it out in time.  Whoosh!  It sucked it right back in.  But it doesn’t charge your credit card, so I just had to start all over and re-rent it.  *blush*

It cost me $3.00 plus $.21 tax for the first night’s rental and on the Blockbuster Express website it said, “Each night a rental is not returned by the 9 p.m. deadline you will incur an additional night charge of $1 per night for movies and $2 per night for games, plus tax, until you return the item to a BLOCKBUSTER Express Kiosk or until your additional night charges reach the Maximum Additional Night Charge.”

“Friends with Benefits” is Rated R.  I noticed the sexual scenes, themes and language as earning it an “R” rating.  I would caution you to watch it yourself and decide if it’s appropriate for your children depending on their age and maturity level.

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    I want to see this now! It was on my list as a “if there’s nothing else to rent” but I think it’s now moved up to a “must see”. Sounds like a fun movie!


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