Easy and Fun Summer Craft

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Are you looking for a fun summer project to do with your children? How about Friendship Rainbow Sticks? This is a great summer camp activity that you can do anytime – even if you have an only child like me! We made necklaces for Rosie and her favorite Build-A-Bear, Bunny.

For each Friendship Rainbow Stick Necklace you need these supplies:

* A popsicle stick
* A piece of string approx 12″ long
* 6 colors of paint
* 6 brushes
* A black thick marker
* A pencil

Using the pencil, draw lines on each popsicle stick creating six equal horizontal stripes (one for each letter in the word “friend”). Paint each stripe a different color. Do this on both sides of the stick. After the paint dries, use the black marker to write your name on one side and “friend” on the other. Tie the string around your stick and knot to make a necklace or see directions below for pre-drilled holes. Kids can wear their own or exchange with friends. You can also glue two or three sticks side by side and make a necklace that says “Rosie Friends Bunny”. The possibilities are endless!

Note, you can use colored markers instead of paint and brushes.

To drill holes: Mark a pencil dot, where you want the hole on one of the sticks. Carefully drill a hole in your first stick using the slow speed on a variable speed drill and a 3/16″ drill bit. Then, using that one as a template, stack two other sticks underneath and drill through those.

This post was written as an entry for Build-A-Bear Camp Happy Heart. If chosen, it will appear on the Build-A-Bearville site. Build-A-Bear is sending me a $25 gift card.
Thank you to Jayme and the whole Build-A-Bear family.

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