Eat Homemade, Healthy, Delicious Meals At Home #CookMellow #sponsored

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Eat homemade, healthy, delicious meals at home – isn’t that what we would all want?    Why don’t we?  For us, it’s because cooking healthy meals takes so much time and energy.  It’s easier and faster just to go out to eat, to buy pre-prepared meals, or pick-up-and-bring-home.


Today I read about a new cooker coming out soon that has me excited about a smarter and easier way to make delicious, healthy, homecooked meals.  It’s called “Mellow”.  What makes it smart?  It’s controlled by your phone!  So you can start and stop it anytime, adjusting to your schedule.  Going to be later than you expected to be?  No problem.  Not going to be home for dinner after all?  No problem, the Mellow can refrigerate the food you put in this morning and save it for tomorrow.  Wow.  It’s like having a chef at home that you can call.  Cool.


Sometimes referred to as a “robot” machine, the Mellow only cooks your food as long as the recipe recommends or you would like.  Before and after, it’s not just sitting and warming or at an unhealthy temperature.  It’s almost like a robot that knows to refrigerate your food, then cook it to be ready to eat when you are.  Smart.

The Mellow uses “sous-vide” cooking which I’ve seen at the Housewares Show in Chicago but have never personally tried.  From what I’ve read, restaurant chefs use it because of the temperature and timing precision possible with sous-vide.  It sounds interesting and The Mellow adds the technology to make it practical at home.


I’m excited about this!  What do you think?

To learn more about Mellow, visit the Mellow Website.



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    I’d love to have one. It would make cooking a lot easier.

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