Ernie Banks Dies at 83 #ChicagoLegend

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Ernie Banks and Me

There are events and people that you will remember forever.  Meeting Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub”, was an honor, I was lucky enough to experience.  This Chicago icon was warm, kind and well, sparkling.  Ernie Banks was someone you knew saw the good and the joy in everyone and everything.
legends dinner with ernie banks

Blogging has many benefits, but one of the favorite for me is meeting new people and doing things I would otherwise not be motivated to try.  An example is the time I was offered the opportunity to meet Ernie Banks.  He was a hero of my childhood, so of course I would be over-the-moon excited to meet him!  And my hero did not disappoint, in fact he was more charming and kind than I even imagined.

I brought something with me to the event with Ernie Banks that he asked me if he could keep!  If you want to read the whole story of my experience, the post is here.

Ernie Banks CloseUp

Thank you, Mr. Banks for adding so much into the lives of so many and sharing your time, talent, and treasure with so many fans.  Rest in peace, Ernie Banks.



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    What a wonderful opportunity for you. He sounds like a wonderful person.

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