Fairy Tales Hair Care for Children – All Natural Clean and Shine

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What kinds of things do you look for in hair care products for your children?

First, for me, is tear free.  If Rosie gets shampoo (or even water) in her face?  *sigh* The neighbors think we are torturing the poor child.  s-c-r-e-a-m  Even though her hair stylist told me it was time to move on from baby shampoo, I couldn’t bring myself to switch.  Then I found Fairy Tales!

Second, I’m looking for conditioning.  Rosie has very dry hair that it prone to frizzing, and I want something that will help smooth and add shine.  Fairy Tales has vitamins E and B to leave hair and scalp clean and moisturized.

Third, I’d like something that is natural.  *whisper* I have to admit that my effort to avoid unnecessary chemicals is sacrificed for stopping screaming.  But it is an added bonus to have an organic product like Fairy Tales.

To avoid tangles and to super condition Rosie’s hair, I always have her put conditioner on her hair and then use her Tangle Teaser to comb through her hair.  Fairy Tales Detangling Conditioner has natural ingredients like rosemary, cherry bark, aloe vera and chamomile.  It gives your child shiny hair, without any sticky buildup.

We’ve been using Fairy Tales for over a month and Rosie and I both love it.  Rosie loves the suds the shampoo makes (perfect for fun hairstyles in the tub!) and that it doesn’t burn her eyes.  I love that her hair is shiny and smooth.  We both give Fairy tales enthusiastic thumbs- up!

When our Fairy Tales run out, I am definitely going to reorder and this time, try the Curly-Q line for clean, silky, defined curls.  I have not tried the Fairy Tales lice-repellent products, but they are leaders in providing lice removal and prevention solutions to parents.  Check out their website for more information about those products.

 About Fairy Tales:  Fairy Tales Hair Care was created over 20 years ago in the Fairy Tales Salon in Hewlett, NY. For years, parents would ask the stylists what were these products that made their children’s hair so soft and manageable. But our stylists just smiled and said it was our secret recipe! The Fairy Tales Hair Care line was launched nationally in 1999 with great success! Within one week of our launch, Rosie O’ Donnell was showing off her bottle of Rosemary Repel Shampoo on her talk show. We were a hit! Parents and kids love these natural products loaded with organic herbs to cleanse, condition style and most importantly, help repel hair lice.

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Disclosure of Material Connection:  I was sent sample product for review.



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    I love her curls!

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    I need to get this for my niece…she has lots of untamed curls and it can be…difficult.

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