Five Favorite Family Fun Activities

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These are our family’s five favorite fun activities!  What are yours?

1.  Playing a game, puzzle, legos

Because Rosie is only four years old, we usually play games like Legos, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, Zingo, or Memory Games.  It’s fun no matter what we play, because it’s time spent together and there’s plenty of laughter to go around!

2.  Riding bikes

When the weather is good, we head out on our bikes.  Rosie loves to be in front and be the leader.  Our neighborhood is very quiet, so it’s safe and she’s careful.

3.  Crafts

Crafts are always a hit in our house, including any type of cutting and pasting!  Paint, too, the messier the better!

4.  Parties with Families and Friends

Rosie is so social!  She loves when we have company over.  And that always means food!  In the summer it’s usually standard barbeque fare.

5.  Watching movies

If you couldn’t tell from the bazillion movie reviews on this blog, I love movies.  Family movie night is a treat around her.  Popcorn is on our top favorite things to eat!

What are some of your favorite activities?

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    We love to watch movies, listen to old records, cook, and walk along the beach by our house.

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