Five Things You Didn’t Know About Google AdSense

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Google AdSense won’t turn an auto-generated webpage into a money maker.

While many people believe that they can apply AdSense to an page filled with keywords and copied content then wait to rake in the money, Google will not allow their ad service to be used on unoriginal webpages that don’t offer relevant content. If such a webpage is reported to Google, they will suspend participation with AdSense.

New visitors make AdSense more profitable.

After enough trips to a website, repeat visitors are apt to become blind to ads having seen them time and again. They’ll become a part of the scenery, so to speak, and won’t hold any interest particularly if that visitor has already made use of an ad once before. Even good ad placement won’t make them any fresher after they’ve been seen a handful of times. A new set of eyes might take notice of those same ads, though, and be far more likely to click on them.

Multiple websites might mean better earnings.

Though the popular notion exists that most successful AdSense participants maintain a single, high-traffic website, it can be far easier to generate revenue by creating an assortment of smaller websites that each receive a steady number of visitors. As new visitors are more likely to make use of those ads, a network of sites can also be more effective at drawing those first time guests as they allow for a wider range of topics with which to attract attention.

Ad formatting on a page actually matters.

The positioning of ads can play a role in whether or not a guest actually clicks on them or even notices them in the first place. AdSense offers different dimensions for ad spaces which can fit easily between articles, above headlines, or running vertically next to your content. The best formatting puts ads in places where they can be seen but don’t get in the way. A well formatted page also takes advantage of image ads, placing them where they’ll be seen while also using text and link unit ads in a way that slips them unobtrusively into the page’s content.

AdSense ads will tailor to your visitors’ location.

If you have AdSense units on your page, you don’t have to worry that guests are only seeing ads relevant to your area. The program makes use of geotracking to deliver more relevant results based on the region of the guest’s IP address. This means that content that can be appreciated by anyone at any place will be accompanied by ads with the same mass appeal.
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