Review: Flashlight Friends Are On Every Kid’s Wish List This Year! #FlashlightFriends

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Flashlight Friends

My daughter loves flashlights, I think most kids do.  I try to keep a flashlight in my nightstand but it’s difficult because she keeps taking them!  But something she loves more than flashlights?  Stuffed animals.  When she saw Flashlight Friends, combining two of her favorite toys, she was so excited I thought she was going to explode.  The “As Seen On TV” products are always very popular with kids, but I appreciate when they are functional as well as fun.  This one certainly is.

The Flashlight

The stuffed animal has a flashlight in it’s tummy that can be turned on by tapping the front.  It’s easy for even young children.  And if your child is, wait, there is no if, when your child forgets to turn it off, it has an auto-off feature that activates after twenty minutes.  As a parent that has replaced batteries way too often, I appreciate that feature!  One thing to note, this is not a muted “soft” light, it’s a bright LED light that can even be used to read a book under the covers.  Before I saw it, I had some concern of a heavy-feeling flashlight inside a stuffed animal, but it’s not.  It uses AAA batteries (not huge C or D) and you don’t feel the flashlight inside the animal.

The Friend

There are six animals to chose from and they are all adorable.  They have very sweet faces.  With upward-looking eyes, they are well-styled to calm any children with nighttime fears of the dark.  Don’t they look like they are saying, “Aren’t I cute?”  The advertising for Flashlight Friends says, “Collect All 6” which I’m sure many kids would love!

Flashlight Friends 1


Flashlight Friends 2


I’m predicting this will be on many “Dear Santa” lists this year – if your little ones can wait that long.

To learn more and purchase:

Flashlight Friends Website

Idea Village on Twitter

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    Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh these are the most adorable things! Carter would love one! I love the penguin! He is going thru that monster stage…this would be so great for him at night!

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