Cut Prep Time in Half: The Gripper Flex Cutting Board

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Gripper Flex Cutting Board


Have you noticed the fun green cutting board in my latest posts?  It’s called a Gripper Flex and what makes it different is the innovative flex technology that offers the option to chop – and then flex – to funnel food into a pan, pot or bowl.


Gripper Flex Cutting Board Back


For the first time ever, cooks have the best of both worlds with the non-slip function of the Gripper — the first to feature unique gripping technology created by a soft bed of octagons thermally bonded to a plastic cutting surface to hold the board in place — and the pouring convenience of the the Flex cutting board.


Chop Funnel Collage-Gripper Flex Cutting Board


Four years in the making to develop the exact materials and design to create a durable and effective option, the Gripper Flex comes with a 5-year warranty. Featured in three colors including turquoise/green, white/warm gray or red/warm gray. The Gripper Flex Cutting Board is made by Architec Housewares.  Architec Housewares is trending with five of the category’s top boutique-brands under its umbrella! Architects at heart, our completely women run company, uses elements of architecture to improve the functionality of everyday kitchen essentials.  You can purchase the Gripper Flex and many other fun kitchen products at the Architec Website.


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    Rebecca Brewer says:

    That is an awesome board. It makes my funky ones that have been around forever look even worse (or mine make this one look even better). I will definitely need to look into replacing a few.

  2. 2

    OH my gosh I would LOVE one of these. I am always trying to find a way to keep my cutting boards from spinning. I think the dishwasher has warped a few of them. It’s especially frustrating when I am trying to cut up a watermelon! This cutting board looks great & extra grippy!

  3. 3

    Oh this looks cool. Everybody needs a good cutting board. Now, can I get this at BB&B? Thanks!

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