Free-bee: Maybelline and Colgate

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I read quite a number of frugal blogs and subscribe to email offers from a ton of companies, but I only pass along deals here at KLY if they are something that I have done myself or told my mom about.  Here’s two that caught my eye today!

I’m searching for a good foundation.  Any recommendations?  I saw a commercial for a new one from Maybelline called FitMe.  You can get a free sample of Maybelline FitMe Foundation here from Target. Not sure how that is going to work though.  The FitMe line is especially designed to “fit” your skin tone – it comes in 18 different shades.  I kept waiting for a shade question when I was ordering the free sample.  But they never asked.  Hmmm.  Not sure about that!

One of the things that most frugalistas will tell you never to pay for is toothpaste.  The last time I bought it, I found it on sale at Walmart for $1 – pretty close to free.  But here is a deal for free Colgate from Walgreen’s, you just have to do a little coupon hunting.  A shout out to Penny Pinchin’ Mom for this deal!

You need to find the Diabetes and You Magazine at Walgreen’s.  I recommend asking the pharmacist.  That has a $1 off coupon from Walgreen’s (store coupon) and a $1 off coupon from Colgate (manufacturer’s coupon).  It’s okay to “stack” a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item.  The Colgate Total is $2.99,  but you can also use a Walgreen’s coupon from the February Coupon Book (ask the cashier where you can find that one).  Final price:  Free!

$2.99  Colgate Total Toothpaste

-1.00  Diabetes and You Walgreen’s Coupon

-1.00  Diabetes and You Colgate Coupon

-1.00 February Walgreen’s Coupon

FREE = Total

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