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I subscribe to Daily Blog Tips and today’s email was about a free download called, Design With Intent:  101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour Through Design.  Design with Intent is a series of business card size tidbits of design theory. Each card contains a question, such as, Can you slant or angle things so undesirable actions are more difficult?  Then there is a picture and explanation of a design that used that principle – a container in a public place with a slanted top, so that people won’t leave trash on top of it. The author is European, so many of the examples and pictures are a bit different than what we would see here in the States, but the concepts are easily transferable.

I’ve always found this kind of subliminal behavior modification interesting.  The other day, Rosie noticed the bumps on the edge of the road and asked me about the “tire tracks”.  I explained that those were there to alert drivers when they were straying off the road.  At the time, I wondered how many lives may have been saved by that simple, yet incredibly smart idea.

And we’ve all heard about what a difference color can make.

Click here to read more or here to download!

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