Free Sample of Purex Complete with Zout

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As part of the Purex Insiders program, I was sent a bottle of the new Purex Complete with Zout laundry detergent.  I tested it on my stubborn white (well, used-to-be-white) socks and entire load of whites.  I was very happy with the results.  I used the Free & Clear which has a hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin. (There is also a Fresh Morning Burst).  The first thing I noticed and liked was that it was clear.  When the load was finished washing and drying, I checked out the socks – clean and white!     The general appearance of the load was bright and white, I was very happy with it and would buy this in the store.  I do have brand loyalty for laundry detergent – it’s not a product that I buy whatever-is-on-sale.  With a 5 year old, my laundry usually has a lot of stains.  And I would buy this.

One of my favorite features is that you can use it as a pre-treater.  For really tough stains, pour a little directly on the stain and rub into fabric.  Let it sit for 5 minutes before putting it into the washer.

Here’s more info from the Purex fact sheet:

Q:  What is Purex Complete with Zout?

A:  Purex Complete with Zout combines the proven performance of Purex detergent with the triple-enzyme stain-fighting power of Zout stain remover.

Q:  How does it fight stains?

A:  Purex  Complete with Zout contains three powerful stain-fighting enzymes.  Each enzyme targets a different type of stain:  Protease works on protein; Amylase on starchy stains; and Mannanase on food stains.

Would you like to try a free sample?  Fill out the form here and Purex will send you a sample!

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