Friday Follow – Welcome to Kelly's Lucky You

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Friday Follow

Are you coming here from “Follow Friday”? Nice to meet you!

Why the name, “Kelly‘s Lucky You“? Well, since I’ve found blogs, I’ve made friends, learned much, won lots of prizes. I would never have called myself a “lucky” person before, but now, as I think of the changes in my life since I started reading blogs – I am lucky. Very lucky, very blessed. By blogging, I hope I can share some of that luck with readers and readers can share the very things that make me feel lucky – friendship, knowledge, and of course, free stuff, hehehe.

What do I like to blog about? Like many moms, I left the workforce to stay home with my daughter. One of the things I miss the most about working, is the interaction with my friends. The day-to-day exchange of simple things, from what happened on American Idol last night, to a great deal on handbags at the Coach outlet. Kelly’s Lucky You only has the “slam-dunk” kind of deals – most of them ones that I’ve tried and can give you a personal recommendation.

Personal details? I’m married to a wonderful guy, Sean. We are opposites in a lot of ways and we have many discussions (not exactly arguments). Usually when we have a big decision to make, he starts at one end, I start at the other and we end up in the middle. Our lives have reached a balance because of this. The process is not always easy, but the result is good. One small example is that I am always late. Sean is always early. The two of us struggle every time we leave the house, but we end up…… on time.

We have a four year old daughter, Rosie. She is the absolute light and joy of our lives. Sean and I went years thinking that we would never have children…..then along came Rosie. She came to us through the blessing of adoption and I am thankful everyday, no – every minute, for her presence in our hearts and lives. At the same time, she’s a very normal kid, at the moment she is talking non-stop, hardly even remembering to take a breath. One of the benefits of adoption, you can often choose a boy or a girl. It’s times like these, or in moments of high-toddler drama, that Sean reminds me that I wanted a girl. *smile*

Last note? I love to write, well I use the term “write” loosely. I kind of talk in my head and type it. Please share this journey, share your thoughts, ideas, feelings with me. I very much look forward to reading them and I hope you look forward to reading my posts. I hope we both will learn a little from each other and laugh together.

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