Fun Birthday Party Location for Six Year Olds – Painted Penguin

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We celebrated Rosie’s 6th birthday at Painted Penguin and it was so much fun!  I am a huge fan of “destination parties” – that is, out-of-the-home birthday parties.  Preparation is greatly reduced and cleanup is nonexistent.  If you’re like me and not used to handling groups of children, it is awesome to have help!

Our first “friends party” was for her 4th birthday and we went to Build-A-Bear.  Great fun!  The kids had a blast choosing their stuffed animal and watching them get filled.  The Build-A-Bear staff person kept all the kids entertained and happy while their individual bears were being stuffed.  Then they did the “fluff” station and sang happy birthday.  Very, very fun!

For Rosie’s 5th birthday, we celebrated with her friends at a local play area – similar to a Children’s Museum, with water play, ball pit, face painting etc.  That was also very fun.

On to Rosie’s 6th birthday and Painted Penguin.  It’s always a challenge to find a gender neutral party location that will appeal to the boys and the girls.  Painted Penguin ended up being able to appeal to both!  Some of the boys painted superhero pieces and snakes while the girls were doing butterflies and flowers.  After painting, we had pizza and birthday cake, open gifts and by the time we were finished the pieces were dry and ready to go home!

If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate your child’s birthday, we highly recommend all three of our daughter’s party locations!  Build-a-Bear and Painted Penguin are franchise locations around the country, check out their website to see if there is one near you.

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