Funny Tweets About Notre Dame’s Manti Te’O’s Fake, Imaginary Girlfriend

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I’m a huge Notre Dame fan, but have to admit some of these tweets about player Manti Te’O’s fake girlfriend are just plain funny!  If you haven’t heard the backstory, see note at end.*

@Sinastr: Nude photo of Manti’s girlfriend!! #nsfw


@TotalTylerMove_: I think Manti Te’O should change his Facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated”.

@Manti_Teos_GF: *Breaking* AJ Mccarrons girlfriend to be on cover of Sports Illustrated. Manti Teo’s girlfriend to appear on Mythbusters

@historyofquotes: “Manti Te’o is a lying idiot” – Lance Armstrong

@TuckerMax: Halloween costume idea: Tell everyone you’re coming to a party. Don’t show up. You’re Manti Teos girlfriend

@danbrowning: At Notre Dame, players like Manti Te’o have fake girlfriends and real academics – basically the opposite of the #SEC. #NDFootball

@NOTSportsCenter: Remember kids: if you forgot to do your homework, the dog didn’t eat it…you left it Manti Te’o’s girlfriend’s house.

@deanjnorris: If Manti Te’o is Mormon, How many fake girlfriends does he have?

@12rtackerman12: Manti Te’o’s girlfriend is Miss January in the 2013 Mayan calendar.” @Swagatore16 aha

@FunSkipBayless: REPORT: Manti Te’o says he feels better today. He & his new girlfriend, Marilyn Monroe, will be attending an Elvis Presley concert tonight.

RT @Cooper_Manning_: If you think AJ McCarron’s girlfriend winning Miss Alabama was impressive, Manti Te’o’s girlfriend won Miss Narnia.

*Manti Te’o is the lead defense player for Univ of Notre Dame and was a Heisman Trophy candidate.  He told everyone that he was dating a girl who subsequently died of leukemia in 2012.  It has been revealed that the girl never existed.



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    Funny photo… sad situation with Manti.

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