Funny Tweets About the National Anthem at the #NCAA Men’s #FinalFour by #TheFray

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Aarrgghhh!  The National Anthem was sung (using the term loosely) the The Fray.  It was an …. interesting… (awful!) interpretation.  If you missed it, catch the recording on You Tube.  The Twitter World lit up with funny tweets.  Here are some of my faves:

stevekmccoy: Dear The Fray, America called and she wants her anthem back. #NCAA #FinalFour

GabeEtzel: Still waiting for someone to sing the National Anthem before the NCAA National Championship Game… not sure what is taking them so long

WillyC17: Just heard tonight’s National Anthem for the NCAA Championship. The real winner? The Deaf Community. #NationalAnthem #TheFray #Horrible

suprefan: The only time i will hit mute while watching TV tonight is during The Fray performing the national anthem. #ncaa #fail

ChrisStigall: I heard the NCAA originally wanted Judy Tenuta to do the National Anthem, but she was unavailable. The Fray actually #2 pick. #NCAAfacts

@MelissaTweets: Watching the Fray murder the National Anthem on delay. #suckage #NCAA

ScottGourley1: #thefray National Anthem at the NCAA Championship Game was so bad that they should beg forgiveness from the Marine Corps honor guard

YourRoyalDream: R.I.P National Anthem (Murdered at the 2012 NCAA Mens Basketball National Championship Game)

writetojoncook: Well, Christina Aguilera can breathe easy now. That’s a new low for the national anthem. #thefray #NCAA


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