Furniture Treasures

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Have you ever had a sentimental attachment to a special piece of furniture?  I have a few that I will always keep because of the memories.  Would you believe I still have my bedroom set when I was a child?  My mom invested in quality – a great company that is still in business and beautiful wood that will always be in style.  Speaking of style, it’s also a classic design, that will always be in style.  Right now we have the bed in Rosie’s room and the rest of the furniture in our guest bedroom.  With adult accessories, and that classic style, it looks pretty good!

Do you remember when people used to buy “hope chests”?  Before my grandmother passed away, even though I was still a child, she bought me a beautiful chest.  The theory was for it to be a hope chest – a place a young woman stores the household things she is going to use when she has her own home.  I plan on keeping those pieces forever even if someday I find myself trying to figure out how to ship furniture.  Even though the custom of a hope chest is long over, I still use it to store extra linens and think of my grandmother’s thoughtful gift from the heart, every time I use it.

Special furniture, antiques, gifts from someone special or for a special occasion…  they are what makes a house a home and you’re own unique nest!

Disclosure:  I received compensation for sharing this personal story with you. 


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    Our house is filled with Antique Furniture! It’s all mainly Black Hitchcock from the early 1900’s. My father inherited it when he got the house. I hope to get it someday and have told my father I want the entire set lol. So we were at a Yard Sale and I noticed a black childs rocking chair and sure enough it matched the whole set we have. $10 was all the guy wanted for it!!! My father almost had a heart attach when he heard I paid $10, looking them up online they were going for $200! But it wasn’t the money really, It was me showing dad I can continue to add to the collection that I love so much!

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