The Future Is Now – Isis Wallet #MC #Sponsored

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Isis Wallet Disclosure

How many times do you walk out the door with just your phone and wallet?  The day is coming when you won’t need a wallet anymore and everything that you have in it, will be stored in your phone.  Drop your phone in your pocket and your ready to go!  Isis Wallet is bringing us towards that day.  Whether you use cash or credit, the Isis Wallet can be used to pay for purchases.

Paying with Isis Wallet

It took me just a few minutes to download the free Isis Wallet app and apply my card.  I headed over to Walgreens, chose my purchases and then to pay for it, just had to open the Isis Wallet App, enter my pin, and hold the phone up to the payment pad.  Cool!

Isis Wallet Symbol

Why Use Isis Wallet

In addition to the benefit of simplifying your life and eliminating the need to carry cards, the Isis Wallet can save you money!  Your Isis Wallet holds offers and participating store loyalty programs so they are always with you. You get savings and loyalty points without having to carry around a bunch of cards and coupons.

Isis Wallet Offers

Some of the great Isis Wallet offers include:

1. Jamba Juice – 1 Million Free Smoothie Campaign: To take part, Wallet users simply need to pull up the coupon in the Wallet and ‘tap to pay’ at
the terminal and they’ll get a free smoothie – no additional purchase required. Wallet users can literally stop by Jamba Juice every day for a
free smoothie when they use the Isis Wallet. It’s a great offer!

2. American Express Serve – $1 Back on Purchases: Wallet users get $1 back on each purchase of $1 or more when they pay with their American
Express Serve Account form the Isis Wallet.

3. Coca-Cola Vending Machines – First 3 Coca-Cola Drinks Free – Tap to Pay at a Coca-Cola vending machine and you’ll get your first 3 Coca-Cola
drinks free. Then buy 10 and you’ll get another one free.

I’m looking forward to using the American Express Serve as a budgeting tool.  If I load it with my budget for certain categories, I’ll be able to keep track of how much I’ve spent and move to cash instead of credit.

Isis Device

Will It Work With My Phone

Do you know if your phone has Isis Wallet capabilities?  To use the Isis Wallet you need two things: A smartphone with NFC (Near Field
Communication) technology and an enhanced SIM card designed to store and protect your payment information.  The Isis Wallet is supported on more than 60 Android devices and the iPhone can be adapted for use with a special case that’s available at the AT&T or Verizon stores.  You can check to see if your phone will work at the Isis Wallet website here.

ISIS Wallet iPhone Case

The case for the iPhone that allows the Isis Wallet app work.

Is It Safe?

The Wallet app is PIN-protected and sensitive data is stored on a special chip in your phone called the Secure Element. If your phone is lost or stolen, one call or visit to our website can freeze payment cards loaded onto your Wallet and, if your smartphone still has a wireless connection, shut down the Wallet.

To Get Started

1.  Download the Isis Wallet app.

2.  Follow the instructions to install the app

3.  Associate your Wells Fargo, American Express, or Chase card with the Isis wallet

4.  Check out locations where Isis Wallet is accepted

Any questions, connect with Isis Wallet here:  Website


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