Get Pair Savvy With Real California Cheese

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Do you love wine and cheese? Just the words create a romantic picture for me of a picnic in a flower filled meadow. Since I first enjoyed brie, a baguette, and a glass of wine, it has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I loved fondue so much, I learned how to make a delicious gruyere fondue and would plan to gain three pounds when I made it. Ah, the days!

Like many things, guess what? There’s an app for that! The California Milk Advisory Board has created a fun new smart phone app called Pair Savvy. With Pair Savvy you can find great pairings of not only wine and cheese but beer as well!  Food lovers are discovering that cheese also makes a perfect partner for their favorite beers, lagers and ales. Beer and cheese are classic companions.

Check out the app here:

Here are some of the pairings I found – don’t they sound delicious?  Go have some fun and create your own!

Pairing One
Cheese: Camembert
Beer: Kolsch, Saison-style Ales
Wine: Beaujolais, Pinot Noir
Fruit: Berries, Peaches, Plums
Okay, I want to go on a picnic!
Pairing Two
Cheese: Asiago
Beer: Amber Ale, Brown Ale
Wine: Cabernet, Rioja, Sauvignon Blanc
Pairing Three
Cheese: Cheddar (sharp)
Beer: Black Ale, Porter, Stout
Wine: Champagne, Chardonnay, Riesling
Fruit: Apples, Peaches, Pears

To download to your iPhone:  Visit the App Store, search for “Pair Savvy” then download for free (available soon).

To download to your Android: Visit the Android Marketplace, search for “Pair Savvy” then download for free.

Dairy products – including cheese – made with California milk can be identified by the Real California Milk and Real California Cheese seal, which certifies that the products are made exclusively with milk produced on California dairy farms.  Ninety-nine percent of California dairy farms are family-owned. California produces more fluid milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt and nonfat dry milk than any other state. The state is the second-largest producer of cheese, which is available nationally under the Real California Cheese seal.

Disclosure:  This post is my entry to win a gift card from One2One Network.

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