Give Back.Org

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Q: What is

A: was founded by Stephen Paletta who won $1 million dollars on the TV show Oprah’s Big Give. is a website that allows you to do all your charitable giving in one place, without hassle or any complexities. Any charity, any time, any amount.

Q: Why use

A: There are different benefits, but for me, the main reason was that my money goes directly and in full to the charity of my choice (other than a small fee if you use a credit card). For example, I sponsor two children through Mayan Families. When I give the money to them, a credit card fee is subtracted from the amount of my donation. But if I do it through, Mayan Families gets the full amount of donation. So who pays the fee? has corporate sponsors that pay all the costs of, so I don’t have to.

There are other benefits involving the timing of your donation and the tax deduction you receive, that some people might take advantage of, but I don’t use that, so I can’t give you personal experience on that, but there is information on the website.

If you do online shopping through the site, you can also earn cashback to donate to your favorite charities.

If you give to several organizations, GiveBack lets you organize that and you have one receipt, instead of many, for tax purposes.

Q:  Is it easy to sign up?

A: I just signed up today at and it was very easy and quick!  You need to give your basic information, email address, they send you a confirmation email that you click through and you’re done!  AND, they put $5 in my account!

Q:  Where can I get more information?

A:  Go to and read “How It Works” and “FAQ” and watch this video.

What is GiveBack? from GiveBack on Vimeo.

Disclosure:  I am entered to win a giveaway by writing this post.

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