Giveaway and Review: Baby GoGo Doll

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Did you have a baby doll when you were a child?  Does your child have one?  Baby GoGo is a 13″ (perfect size!) doll dressed in gender neutral clothing and is a great toy for a girl or a boy.  Baby GoGo is so sweet… I just love this baby!

There is something about Baby GoGo that just makes you want to hold it.  Such a sweet little face!  For Rosie, it was love at first sight. She instantly bonded with this doll.  I love watching her murmur, cuddle and care for it.  She’s a good little mommy – keeping Baby GoGo warm and safe.  Are you saying, “aw” yet?

Baby GoGo is also a good toy to introduce a child and prepare them for – a new sibling.  Giving your child their “own” baby can help them adjust to a new sibling tremendously. They can practice holding the baby and supporting the baby’s head.  A doll is helpful to teach gentleness and not touching the baby’s face.  You can also use the doll to prepare them for things like feedings and changing of the new baby.

Another fun pretend-play with a baby doll is letting your child pretend to be a pediatrician.  They can pretend to care for a sick baby and it will let them act out any fears they may have about going to the doctor.

The “Baby GoGo Goes Home Set” includes a warm blanket, and an adorable story book following Baby GoGo’s experience coming home from the hospital, from meeting the family to having a bottle, and earning a nickname. As a side note, the packaging is very nice, too!  It’s recommend for children over the age of 3.  Also available are accessories such as a Moses Bed.  See the picture below of Rosie with the Moses Bed.  Isn’t that adorable?

Since its introduction this year, Baby GoGo, has won numerous awards, including PTPA Seal of Approval, The Mom’s Choice Award (MCA) for the best in family-friendly toys; the 2010 Toy of the Year and Seal of Excellence from the Creative Child Awards Program and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Toy of the Year Gold Seal 2010.

Baby GoGo is available at local specialty toy stores, and Baby GoGoand Baby GoGo accessories are priced at 25 percent off through December 18 at

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1. Please visit Baby GoGo and tell me something you learned or like.  If you don’t have access to the site, tell me if you had a baby doll when you were little and why you liked it.

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Disclosure: I was given a Baby GoGo Doll, most opinions are from Rosie, but ah, I love this doll!


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    I love that it’s gender neutral. I’ve been looking for a doll for my two boys to prepare them for their new sibling and this would be much better then a frilly little girl doll.

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    I learned that Creative Child Magazine gave Baby GoGo the Top Toy of the Year Award and also the Seal of Excellence…which is awesome!

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    I learned that the dolls are packaged in recycled materials

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    By removing the traditional ruffles and pastel pink and blue, Little Sib is working to remove gender-bias in toys.

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    I learned that it’s packaged in recycled materials.

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    joanne major says:

    i like it comes with a dtorybbok. my granddaughter would love that

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    I like Baby GoGo because it just looks like a doll for a child. It’s a good size so the child is able to get the clothes on and off with ease and it doesn’t have boobs. Those dolls are fine too but young children need a doll they can actually play with. I’ve never seen a kid trying to rock Barbie to sleep. I had a doll that I loved when I was little. I can’t remember the name, but, she was about 3 ft. tall and I’d dress her in my clothes.

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    I learned:the recieved the 2010 Creative Child Magazine – Top Toy of the Year Award


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    I like the GoGo doll and would love to win it. It will give my little toddler a wonderful playtime experience considering that it’s accompanied with accessories and, wow, books!

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    I learned that By removing the
    traditional ruffles and pastel pink and blue, Little Sib is working to remove
    gender-bias in toys.

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    I had a baby doll as a child – cut her hair off – thought it would grow back. Didn’t!

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    I have to say, I love how there is a little boy playing with a doll on the site! So great!

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    I like the Moses Bed you can get to carry your doll around in.

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    i can’t access the site of gogo dolls, anyway when i was little i had a small doll. i named it rita and i like her because she is very pretty.

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    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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    I like several things: its gender neutral, it is packaged in recycled materials, and it comes with a storybook.

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    I love the idea that you can get a diaper bag for your baby doll…I wish I had that option when I was a kid!

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