#Giveaway – Do You Have A Child Headed To Kindergarten? Help Prepare Them With A Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit

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We’ve all heard the news stories – there is a deficiency in the United States in math education. Other countries are growing skills by leaps and bounds as the United States slips further behind.  With my daughter headed to kindergarten, I want to prepare her and one of the areas I don’t want to neglect is math.  Rosie attended a nature-based preschool and her kindergarten is, as well. One of the things I especially appreciate about the curriculum at both schools is their emphasis on science and math. Even as a preschooler, Rosie was “conducting experiments” and learning the concepts of math. When I learned math, it was a rote-type of memorization and it wasn’t until college that I was introduced to more of the conceptual theory. So I am hoping that early on Rosie will have more of an understanding which will serve her well in whatever career she pursues.

When I was contacted about reviewing a hands-on interactive way for preschoolers to experience math and incorporate math into everyday life, I was thrilled to request one of the Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kits.  Using the characters and theme of the popular Nickelodeon series, Team Umizoomi, the kits reinforce the idea that math is all around us.  Rosie describes Team Umizoomi as, “Mom, little people help kids do something they need to do”.  The characters ask the viewers questions, I love hearing Rosie answer them!  The show is in its second season and one of the top shows on TV for preschoolers. Created by Blues Clues alumni, it features a tiny team of superheroes who use their mighty math powers to help little kids. The combination of action-adventure missions and interactive math curriculum helps kids exercise their imaginations while they learn.

I opened the kit yesterday after Rosie had gone to bed – I like to prescreen, yes I am an overprotective mom ;) – and had these initial impressions

  • the kit is well organized, in a box with a handle (yes!) and the colors are bright, attractive, and fun. One of the benefits of a kit like this, is that you can use it anywhere and the packaging creatively supports that.
  • there is a lot packed into this box (see the contents listing below) and fun things to **squee** over like pencils and a cool eraser
  • the quality of the products – such as the weight and strength of the Mission Cards – is meant to stand up to little fingers and last a long time
  • It was the perfect marriage of early childhood experts and creative animation talent that developed this kit.

Included in 9″ x 11″ box are these fun products (insert pictures and caption with the contests from the press release and add pencils and eraser.

48-page workbook that provides the opportunity for practice and repetition. The quality of this workbook is excellent.

24 Mighty Math Mission Cards - fun, math-based challenges (this was Rosie's favorite)

48-page Activity Book that reinforces math skils through simple games and activities.

Team Umizoomi DVD


Cute Pencils and Eraser

The whole kit, including the 24 page storybook

Rosie’s favorite is the mission cards.  She spent quite awhile with the workbook and then we moved on to the mission cards.  The first one was a hide-and-match game, matching cards with the numbers 1-10 with corresponding polka dotted cards.  She had a blast.  The second one instructed us to take a bag and then gather items that had something in common from around the house.  We switched bags and had to guess the common thread and why they were chosen.


The kit covers nine areas of math that preschoolers need to know before starting kindergarten: numbers, counting, patterns, shapes, measuring, positioning, sorting, classification and reasoning. It is available exclusively at Toys “R” Us stores nationwide beginning in July or online at Nickelodeon.com. The retail price listed on my box is $19.99 which I would consider as a reasonable price for something that Rosie will get so many hours of enjoyment and education from using.

Disclosure: All opinions included in this post are my own, unless otherwise stated. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I am disclosing a material connection because I received a gift product for review. My site only publishes reviews of products I can recommend to my readers. The product would have been returned or donated in the case of a negative unpublished review.


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    CaroleM says:

    My son loves Umizoomi! And is going into K – only a few weeks away! I love that the site has it that you can watch on itunes. Very cool. I think we’ll need to look into that!

  2. 2
    Carol L says:

    My grandson is entering Kdgt in a few weeks and this is perfect.Learning the right Math skills now will follow them all through their education. Thanks for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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