Giveaway DVD Movie: Norman Rockwell Presents, Coming Home For Christmas (US, Ends 12/4)

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coming home for christmas house

I settled in to my comfy recliner with a cup of hot chocolate and watched, “Norman Rockwell Presents, Coming Home For Christmas”.  The O’Brien family looked like the perfect Norman Rockwell holiday family.  Wearing traditional holiday outfits, in their traditional home, with the fireplace burning, they happily decorate the Christmas tree and a home-made angel goes on top.  Yuck.  But soon we find out that the O’Brien family is not perfect – they are like every other family, quite imperfect, actually.

coming home for christmas

The two sisters, Kate and Mel, want to get along, but when Mel gets engaged to the wrong man and Kate tries to tell her?  Their relationship falls apart.  Kate is supposed to be part of Mel’s wedding, but when Kate sees the groom flirting with one of the bridesmaids, she just can’t stand by and watch her sister make such a big mistake.  Kate leaves the wedding and Mel can’t find it in her heart to forgive.

Wendy and Al O’Brien are torn apart when their daughters’ stop speaking to each other.  They can’t celebrate holidays any longer.  Who would they invite?  Kate won’t come if Mel is there and Mel is equally as stubborn.  More goes wrong in the O’Brien’s life and they actually lose their beautiful, family home.  Five years go by and things get even worse when Wendy and Al separate.  Now the disintegration of the family is almost  complete.

Kate makes up her mind to try to pull everyone back together – beginning with healing the rift between her and Mel.  Will she be able to reunite her family for Christmas.  Everyone wants to be home for the holidays… or do they?!


I love Christmas movies and this is a warm, feel-good movie that will remind you that family is more important than arguments.  It’s a good lesson before we sit down for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner with family that might not be the easiest to get along with.

coming home for christmas sisters

The movie stars real-life sisters, Britt and Carly McKillip, George Canyon, Ben Hollingsworth and Aaron Pritchett.  Director Vanessa Parise also has a small role in the film!  I thought all the actors gave strong performances.  My favorite thing about this movie, that sets it apart from many holiday offerings is the music.  Many of the actors are also country music stars and music is incorporated very skillfully and believably into the film.  The songs are beautifully written and performed.  In the special features included with the DVD, Vanessa Parise shares that music wasn’t originally part of the plan.  It was only when casting progressed and they realized that so many of the actors were musicians that they added music to the storyline.

The red-brick country house almost seems to be part of the cast.  Actress Amy Jo Johnson (I remember her from “Felicity”) who plays Wendy reminds us in the “Making Of” special feature that “Home represents Family”.  George Canyon explores that by talking about how being home for Christmas doesn’t mean being in a specific house or location.  It means being with your family – anywhere you are, can be home.  Those are some of the messages of the movie and they are nicely woven into the story, you don’t feel beat over the head by them.  But when the movie ends, you have a sudden desire to call that relative you’ve been avoiding and invite them over for dinner.  Enjoy!

Norman Rockwell Presents, Coming Home For Christmas is available at Walmart.

(By the way, at Walmart, it shows that the DVD is not rated.  This is a very family-friendly film and if rated, I would think would be a “G”)

The soundtrack is also available featuring holiday songs performed by George Canyon.
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Disclosure of Material Connection:  I received the DVD for review.

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