Giveaway – HairZing!

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What is a HairZing?  It’s a double comb hair accessory that lets you create amazing hairstyles!  Because of the stretch bands between the combs, the HairZing works for all types of hair – thick, thin, long or short.

Here’s some of the FAQ from the HairZing website:

Q:  How do HairZings work?

A:  “Forget everything you know about wearing normal hair combs. HairZing combs actually operate “backwards”. You place one in your hair first, hold it, stretch the second and flip it under to face the first comb. The soft contour of the combs fits the curved shape of your head. The bands are made of resin and elastomers which are stronger than rubber bands so they stretch and contract to hold the combs snugly in place, but never damage or break you hair like rubber bands will.”

Q:  Will the combs show in my hair?

A:  “NO. Once the combs tuck underneath your hair, they are completely invisible. Even black combs will not show through light blond, thin hair.”

Q:  What makes HairZings different than other hair accessories?

A. “Claw clips: If you like claw clips, you’ll love HairZings! The most important difference is you can lean your head back, lay your head down, or even wear a bicycle helmet with HairZing. Most claw slips stick out from your head where the hinge is located. If you try to lean back in an airplane seat for a nap or put on a helmet for sports, the claw clip will dig into your head; you have to take the claw clip out of your hair to be comfortable. You can wear your HairZing all day, doing all activities, including a little shut-eye.

Rubber bands, elastics and scrunchies: Want a ponytail with more bounce? Since you are not tightly grabbing your hair, a HairZing ponytail will give your hair more bounce and make your hair look thicker. Additionally, rubber bands and elastics may break your hair. HairZings are “hair healthy.” They gently hold and release your hair: the metal combs have no open edges and the resin bands do not constrict your hair. If rubber bands, elastics or scrunchies sometimes give you headaches, you’ll enjoy relief with a HairZing.”

I have a Criss Cross Large Pink HairZing to giveaway!

Main entry

1. Go to the HairZing site and tell me about one of the hairstyles you can do with a HairZing!

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Leave one comment for each entry. Contest ends September 18th at midnight CST.  One winner will be chosen by and notified by email to the email address provided in the winning comment. The winner must respond within 48 hours of the notification email, or another winner will be chosen. See my Giveaway Rules page for further information.  The winner’s first name and last initial will be posted on the Winner’s Page.  Sorry, this contest is open to US residents only.

Disclosure: I was given a Cris Cross Large Pink HairZing.


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    wow… I think the double pony tail would be great for my daughter! It looks so EASY!

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    rss subscriber

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    google follower (app is down… if I’m wrong, correct me!)

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    i could do the ponytail and the half up & half down, i have wanted one of these!

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    follow on google friend connect

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    follow you on twitter as tracisme123

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    i am a fan on facebook , traci smith

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    Addison K.A.T. says:

    I can do the ponytail

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    I like both the Peacock Twist and the Pony Tail styles.

    clenna at aol dot com

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    I subscribe via email

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    I follow

    clenna at aol dot com

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    I’m a fan of Kelly’s Lucky you on FB.

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    You can do the peacock twist. So pretty.

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    gfc follower

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    Stacey Smith says:

    Up Half in a Ponytail and down half

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    i follow you on facebook!

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    I subscribe via e-mail

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    I would do the half-up/half down a lot- casual and cute, but also able to be dressed up!

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    Vickie Couturier says:

    Basic Pull Back for Long, Thick Hair

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    Vickie Couturier says:

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    You can use the Hairzing to make a Peacock Twist :)
    emblosey at

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    I am a fan on facebook: Erin L
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    I like the Peacock Twist.

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    Definitely the pony tail!

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    You can make a Double Coil Bun which looks amazing but difficult!

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    I like the half up and half down style you can do!

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