Giveaway: PJ Greetings Custom Pre-Inked Stamps

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PJ Greetings is giving every KLY reader a 20% discount!  Use discount code LUCKYYOU.  Expires 1/31/11.

I saw PJ Greetings Custom Pre-Inked Stamps online and fell in love.  There are simple, little things that make life chic, fun and beautiful.  When you are trying to make a good impression, it’s the extra touches that can make all the difference. PJ Stamps can help you add a pizzazz-y twist to communications with friends, family, customers or users.

When I received my stamp I was very pleasantly surprised with the presentation of the product.  I opened the package and found pretty tissue, a sheer bag and a chic tag with my stamp imprint.  The stamper inside was attractive as well.  I underestimated the design value of the impression’s shape.  I ordered a circle shaped design and the impression it makes looks unusual, custom, and awesome.

I emailed my choice of designs to PJ Stamps, blinked, and it was in my mailbox!!!  Well, not quite that fast, but yikes, they have a TWO DAY TURNAROUND!!  Isn’t that unbelievable?  One of the disadvantages of ordering online is that you have to wait.  Well, with PJ Stamps, you receive your custom created stamp FAST.  Not that I’m a last minute person *blush*….

I mailed out some giveaway prizes and used the stamp as a return address.  *whistle* I felt good sending out those envelopes!  Here’s a picture.  Am I chic or what?!  (Sorry, I pixelated our address)

If you remember the old ink pads and the mess, don’t even think for a second that these new stampers are anything like that.  These are self-inking and the impressions are clean, crisp and even.  No ink anywhere near your fingertips.  These are very high quality stamps.

There are tons of reasons to own a PJ Stamp…

  • addressing
  • sending personalized notes
  • crafting

It’s endless!  Anywhere you put your name or address is a place for a chic PJ Stamp.  I’m thinking about ordering one that says “Rosie Read This” to let Rosie stamp her books.  If I felt pride, she will even be more excited.  I ordered one that said “Kelly’s Lucky You” but I would love to have one with our family’s name on it also – there are over 250 designs to choose from and they range from fancy-schmancy to adorably casual fun.

  • great teacher gifts, too!
  • If you have a home business, these stamps are so useful for creating tags and labels.  They are very professional and creative looking.  Simply beautiful!

Here are some of my favorite designs.  Make sure to check out the pet stamp – they make it from a photo of YOUR pet, so it really will look like your pet, not just a pet of that breed.  Wow.

Enter here to win your own Custom Pre-Inked PJ Stamp from PJ Greetings!  And don’t forget PJ Greetings is giving every KLY reader a 20% discount!  Use discount code LUCKYYOU.  Expires 1/31/11.

Main entry

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Leave one comment for each entry. Contest ends February 8th at midnight EST. A winner will be chosen by and notified by email to the email address provided in the winning comments. The winner must respond within 48 hours of the notification email, or another winner will be chosen. See my Giveaway Rules page for further information. Sorry, this contest is open to US residents only.

Disclosure: I was sent a PJ Custom Pre-Inked Stamp for review from PJ Greetings.


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