Giveaway: PureBoom PureGear Advance Performance In Ear Headset With Mic – Ends 1/26, US

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I met the PureGear people at the Consumer Electronics Show last year.  They have created innovative and just-plain-smart accessories for mobile devices.  Have you ever been using your smart phone and said, “I wish it would….”?  Well the PureGear designers said it… and did it!  The PureBoom Advance Performance In Ear Headset with Mic is one of those products that will have you saying, “I’m so glad someone thought of that!”

puregear pureboom

Do you use the earbuds that came with your phone?  But the cord tangles and always has knots and is generally a mess? 

The PureGear PureBoom has a tangle-free flat cord!

puregear pureboom 2

Did you ever notice that the ear piece in the average set of earbuds is hard?  But everyone’s ears are different!

The PureGear PureBoom have soft cushions that provide a custom fit for every size ear.

puregear pureboom 3

When you are listening to music and get a phone call, do you have to pull out the ear buds out to answer the call?

The PureGear PureBoom have a high-grade mic that allows for hands-free calls and let’s you return to your music without missing a beat!

puregear pureboom 4

But what about sound quality?

The PureGear has advance performance sound for deep bass tones and crisp sound clarity.  If you’ve only used the standard earbuds in the past, you will be shocked at the difference of having PureBoom.

puregear pureboom 5

One lucky KLY reader is going to win a PureBoom PureGear Advance Performance In-Ear Headset! 

Enter in the Rafflecopter form below – good luck!

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