Giveaway: Spot It! Frozen Olaf in Summer (US, Ends 11/23)

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We discovered “Spot It!” games last year and just love playing them! It’s a great game for ages 3+ (including adults).  Easy, fast, and even advantage for young and old alike.  I love that it’s very portable, easy-to-carry and easy-to-play!  Spot It!  encourages development in the following skills.


  • Visual Perception
  • Speech & Language
  • Focus & Attention
  • Processing Speed


31 round cards come in a tin.  They are a perfect size for holding and sturdy enough to last for many, many, many games.  Each card has six symbols/drawings.  For any two cards, there is always one (and only one) matching symbol.   How do they do that????

There are three different variations.  The first is called “Twins”.  You place all the cards facedown in a pile.  The first player turns two cards face up on the table. Each player tries to find a matching symbol and when they do, they call it out.  The player that found the match takes those two cards and turns over two new ones.  At the end, the player with the most cards, wins.

In the second and third variations, each player flips over their card and tries to match it to a center card.  In one you pile the cards in a “tower”, in the other, you remove them into a “well”.

Spot It Frozen“Spot It!” games come in different themes and one lucky KLY reader is going to win the Frozen Olaf in Summer set!  Enter in the Rafflecopter form below and good luck!

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