Go Outside and Play! L.L. Bean Discovery Courses Teach Fun Around The Country!

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I think I had heard of L.L.Bean teaching fly fishing near their main store out East, but I never realized they taught outdoor classes around the country.  When they contacted me to ask if I would like to try kayaking, I jumped like a trout at the opportunity to learn from the best.  I’d been kayaking one time before and kept going in circles, but I thought if anyone can teach me, L.L. Bean can!

llbean sign 2

L.L. Bean is giving everyone a new reason to love the outdoors.  Whether it’s paddle-boarding, archery, fly fishing, kayaking, and more, there are exciting trips, tours and classes that help get us outside to play! 

unplug and play

I mentioned a survey conducted by L.L.Bean and the National Park Foundation in a previous post about the L.L. Bean Bootmobile Tour.  The survey found that according to 60% of parents, their children spend less than one hour a day outdoors.  Ouch!  That’s not good for our physical or mental health.

llbean learning to paddle

Learning to paddle

L.L. Bean got me outdoors and excited about discovering new sports when they took me kayaking on the Fox River in Illinois.  First, we donned safety equipment.  Then, after a safety lesson and then some instructions, we were off!

Getting in the kayak

Getting in the kayak

Off I go and with L.L. Bean instructors’ help – no going in circles!

off i go 2

Off I go! (and no going in circles)

I loved kayaking and being outdoors.  It’s always a great reminder of how big the world is and how everything in nature manages to get along just fine without people, drama, and “small stuff”.  We saw ducks, heron, lots of other types of birds, interesting homes on the river, turtles and more up-close-and-personal.  A dragonfly “hitch-hiked” a ride on my kayak for much of the trip.

I would definitely do this again!

llbean group photo

But maybe next time, I’ll try something new….

llbean next adventure


When you “Go Outside and Play”, what do you like to do?

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Disclosure:  Thank you to L.L.Bean for the complimentary lesson and promotional item.

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