Goals Within Reach for 2015 – A Marathon Starts With One Step In The Morning

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Join me, read my story about finding the morning energy to establish a daily routine.  If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions, or thought about making a new start this year, you’ll be glad you found this post!

In November, 2014, I ran my first half marathon.  I was so excited!  13.1 miles.  I haven’t put a sticker on the back of my car (do those irritate you?), but I’ve certainly thought about it.  I understand now why people are so proud of the accomplishment that they want to celebrate it.  BUT……  after that, for the rest of November… and ALL of December… nada.  Not one mile.

Whether it was my low energy level, having to run so many miles in training, the weather, not having a training program, or just a mental wall, something kept me on-the-couch and off-the-road.  New Years comes and it is time to pick myself up and get back in it.  I love to run, well, scratch that, I love running.  I love the feeling I get, the health benefits, and most of all, the sense of accomplishment.  When not running, I feel like a failure.  My mind keeps repeating that I should be running, and I’m not.


belVita-Breakfast-Bites-Mixed Berry-#cbias-#NewBreakfastRoutine-Morning-Win


Now it’s a New Year and time for a new habit.  My long-term goal is to run another half marathon in May.  To do that, I need to start – and stay – training.  It’s time.   A marathon starts with one step in the morning.  I’m setting a goal, within my reach today, of running three miles each morning.  I’m going to start each day with a “Morning Win”!


Just like a half marathon starts with one step, so does training for it.  I laced up my shoes and got on the treadmill.  Chicago weather provides me with excuses pretty often, so I decided to use the treadmill and eliminate one stumbling block.



belVita-Breakfast-Bites-Chocolate-#cbias-#NewBreakfastRoutine-Spoon 2

One thing I’ve learned over the past year is to fuel my run. I used to run on an empty stomach.  I felt as if I could run “lighter”, if I hadn’t eaten.  But unfortunately, while that feeling of hollowness seems helpful, what is truly helpful is fuel to push your body.  Starting the day with a good breakfast gives you the stamina to stay active and accomplish your goals.


Do you feel more committed to your goals in the morning than in the evening?  I do, which is the reason for setting my goal to be running a minimum of 3 miles every morning.  And to fuel the energy to achieve that goal, I added one of the new V8 beverages (Carrot Mango, Purple Power, Healthy Greens, or Golden Goodness) and BelVita Breakfast Bites to my morning.


I’m stronger (physically and mentally) in the morning, but equally important is energy level.  The combination of V8 and BelVita Breakfast Bites has given me the energy to get on that treadmill in the morning!  I found them both at my local Target store – V8 in the aisle with juice boxes and BelVita Breakfast Bites with granola bars.

V8-New-Vegetable-Juice-trio-#cbias-instore 2


belVita-Breakfast-Bites-shelf-#cbias-#NewBreakfastRoutineWith just one trip to Target, I found lots of motivation for my “morning win”.  In addition to the V8 and BelVita Breakfast Bites, I picked up a new water bottle, c-u-t-e pair of running shorts, and a perfect cup to pack my daughter’s breakfast-on-the-go.


There are four new types of V8 beverages with distinct flavors and colors, Carrot Mango, Purple Power, Healthy Greens, or Golden Goodness.  Our favorite is the Purple Power.  The new V8 beverages contain:

  • Delicious blends of vegetables with a touch of fruit.
  • 1 Full serving of vegetables in every 8oz glass. (A serving of vegetables = ½ cup)
  • 60 calories or less per 8oz serving & no sugar added.
  • Excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, & E. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • Made with 75% vegetable & fruit juices {and 25% pure water}


Now my mornings start with a little victory,

that will add up to a 13.1 achievement!

What reachable goals will you set for your morning?

For more information:

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    It is so cool that you are training for a marathon way to go! Many thanks for participating in this shop #client.
    Adriana Martin recently posted..Grilled Italian Style Chicken #ComidaKraft #ad

  2. 2

    Sometimes it takes a lot to do a small thing, but we’ve all been there! Good luck dear!

  3. 3
    vickie couturier says:

    interesting,did know too much about this,,im needing to get started and this looks like a good place to start

  4. 4

    That yogurt looks yummy :) I was trying to go to the gym for a while, and I had a hard time getting over the fear of being judged. My trick was to just tell myself to go as soon as I woke up and get it over with, which worked pretty well. Haven’t been back in a while though – I have pain issues and the one piece of equipment that was working well for me started fighting them. Made things worse. My new idea’s to get a dog as soon as I’m able to, so I have that motivation to get up and moving. Best of luck to you!

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