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Zappos Disclosure

Is it fun to shop for back-to-school clothes for your kids?  Tell the truth….  Once my daughter became old enough to try on clothes in the store, the fun factor definitely went down.  Going into a dressing room with more than one outfit is a true exercise in patience.  Going to more than one store?  *sigh* It’s tough!  And I only have one child!  I cannot even begin to imagine what it’s like for moms that have more than one!  Ah, you have my respect.

Enter online shopping for kids’ back-to-school.  I love, love, love shopping with my daughter online.  I “preview” the items and find things that are age-appropriate and budget-appropriate.  Then we cuddle up in the cozy chair with a favorite beverage and go through the outfits.  It is so fun!  We get to engage in girl-talk and compare what we like and what we don’t, what would look great, what might not.  It is so fun!

Am I the only one that kind of forgets everything that I ordered and when it gets delivered, it’s almost a surprise?!  Online shopping doubles the fun – the excitement of when you order and then the fun of getting that package at the door.

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Boxes At Door

Online shopping is the best solution for me because:

  • we can take our time, much less rushed
  • we can curl up in a cozy chair instead of walking in the heat, crowds, etc.
  • I never have to wait in line to check out
  • I can preview the items and only show what I already approve instead of saying “no” again and again because something is inappropriate or too expensive
  • sometimes there is so much going on that I just don’t have time and online shipping is scary fast to save me

Where do I shop online?  I found some of our favorite things this back-to-school season at Zappos.com.  Did you know Zappos.com sells more than shoes?  You can find everything your kids need for back to school in one place and it will be on your doorstep so fast, you’ll wonder, “how do they do that?”!  And with free shipping and free returns (to-and-from), you don’t have to worry about whether something is going to fit.  I have to say ashamedly that I prefer not to talk to anyone, and actually do everything online, but if you do need a person, Zappos.com has a 24-hour customer service line.

Want to see our shopping haul?  I love these!  And even more importantly my daughter does, too!  When was the last time you were able to say you AND your child loved what you found on a shopping “trip”?

Essentials for 2014 Back-to-School Fashion

from Zappos.com!

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Converse

I have to start with shoes.  My girl is a major shoe shopper.  She loves everything from heels (the higher the better) to sporty, fun flats.  For school, this year the hot look is athletic and sporty.  Retro is “in” and Converse has combine retro with fun colors with this pink, Converse Chuck Taylor, spin on the All-American classic.  Don’t you LOVE ’em?

Under Armour Twist Tee w Text

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Under Armour Bottoms

What’s the next hot trend in back-to-school?  We LOVE Under Armour.  It’s the hot brand for girls and boys.  I’m pleased that my daughter is going for an athletic look.  I encourage her to be an athlete and to care for her health.  Under Armour encourages that, as well.  When I saw this Under Armour Twist Tech Tee, I knew it would go perfectly with a pair of UA capris she already has and we also ordered some black bottoms, Under Armour Black Pronto Pants, for when the weather gets cooler.

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Under Armour Hoodie Collage

Speaking of cooler weather, this hoodie from Under Armour is adorable and warm!  It’s going to keep her comfortable for the fall and well into winter.

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Faux Fur Boots

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Faux Fur Boots Closeup

Here in Chicago, we are preparing for another Chi-beria winter.  I’m hoping that the Farmer’s Almanac is wrong, because it’s saying we are going to have a super-cold, snowy winter…. again.  When your eight years old, bad weather is not going to keep you inside, so it’s my job as a mom to keep my little one as warm and as dry as possible.  That means boots.  But that doesn’t mean we have to abandon fashion.  Aren’t these North Face Faux Fur Kids Boots cute?!  And they have the fake fur that is so hot this season.  Once more, my daughter AND I love these boots.  Score!

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Reversible Jacket

#ZapposStyle #MC #Sponsored Reversible Jacket White Collage

To top everything off, we found this too cute, two-for-the-money, North Face Jacket!  It’s reversible, which mom-paying-the-bills loves and gives my daughter two looks that she loves!  Bingo, score!

So what do you think?  Are you loving our haul?  Click on any of the photos to go to Zappos.com and pick up your own!  Ordering is super easy, you get an email confirmation of your order, shipping confirmation, and it arrives scary-fast.  They are with you every step of the way.  And don’t forget free shipping on any returns or exchanges!

Make Back-to-School Shopping Fun Again

with Zappos.com!

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