Holiday Gift Guide – For Couples: Sealy Posturepedic Mattress, Don’t Miss Black Friday Sales!

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What gift do you buy your spouse for the holidays?

I remember in the early years of our marriage it was sparkly jewelry and cashmere.  As the years went on, the gifts became more practical.  Then we started buying “couples” gifts.  Maybe a vacation,  or even a completely non-romantic refrigerator!  We use Christmas as an excuse to make that big purchase like a flat screen tv or home theater system.  With the black Friday sales, it actually works out to be a great time to pick up that big item.

My Holiday Gift Guide pick for that “Big Ticket” couples gift this year is a Sealy Posturepedic Mattress!  When I did the mattress giveaway a few months back, I was truly struck by how many people were in the same situation as us – in desperate need of a mattress but dragging our feet on buying one.  And I can 100% say that replacing our mattress (Sealy provided ours) and Rosie’s (we bought the same model Sealy Posturepedic for her), was the best change in our home in 2011.  Having a good mattress and getting a good night’s sleep, has made a big difference in my health and happiness.  It is incredible the difference a good night’s sleep and a reduction in muscle aches can make in your attitude.  With more stamina, you have more patience.  Without pain, you have more room for laughter.  And without going into detail *blush*, a mattress can also be a romantic gift – well more than a refrigerator anyway!

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If you are going shopping this holiday season for a “Couple” gift and you are in the same situation as we were of sleeping on a pitiful mattress, take advantage of some of the huge Black Friday deals this week!  I read about some at Macy’s and Sears, I’m sure other stores will  have sales as well.  It’s a great time to make a great decision for your health and well-being!

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