Holiday Gift Shopping? Letters to Santa say “K’NEX This Year”! Two Super Mario Bros. Themes Exclusive to TOYS “R” US®.

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Dear Santa…

One of the most popular items on letters to Santa every year are building sets.  Kids love to build!  The fun people at K’NEX have taken building sets to a new level with their theme sets.  Combine a love for building with Super Mario Brothers?  Genius!

K'NEX Super Mario Thwomps

Knex Super Mario Thwomps

The New Super Mario Bros. 2 Thwomps Building Set lets kids go on adventures with Mario and Luigi.  This K’NEX set features a jump disk and launcher, so Mario can run and jump just like he does in the game.  “uild Fire Mario & Silver Luigi and drop them through the warp pipe to enter the course. Look out for the Thwomps – slam them down to open your path.  Make your way past the Thwomps, collecting coins as you go – don’t forget to grab the Power Up mushroom at the top!  Drop through another warp pipe and guess what – there’s another side to play on!  Use the sliding platform to cross the lava.  Who will you find behind the door?  It’s a Bone Goombaâ„¢!  Hit the target to defeat him, pop-up the flag and you’ve cleared the course!”

K'NEX Super Mario Castle

KNEX Super Mario Castle

Also in the Super Mario line is the Super Mario 3D Land Bowser’s Castle Building Set.  “Go on a brand new adventure with Marioâ„¢ – battle Bowserâ„¢, and save the princess in the FINAL course! Featuring K’NEX’s all new jump disk and launcher that allow Mario to run and jump, like he does in the game. Build Mario and make your way through the entrance gate to Bowser’s Castle!  Look out for Draglet™ – a battery-powered motor makes him a spinning danger at the entrance.  Use the track slider to cross the pit, and jump up to collect the coins!  Watch out for the Fireballs – you make them move by turning the white connector.  Hurry past the spinning Fire Bars, and hit the mystery box – what did you get?  Jump across the moving platforms, through the warp pipe and up the elevator platform to Bowser’s final hiding place!  Use the jump launcher to knock him down!  Save Princess Peachâ„¢, pop-up the goal flag and you’ve WON THE GAME!”

Both of these sets are available exclusively at TOYS “R” US®.

Since their launch in 1992, K’NEX has garnered over 200 prestigious awards!  They are most proud that these awards come from kid-testing panels for groups like the “Canadian Toy Testing Council, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, National Parenting Center, Parents Magazine, Sesame Street Parents, Dr. Toy and more.  Since 2008, 95% of the production is in the United States.  That’s pretty cool!

Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, and K’NEX Building Sets are the perfect gift for under your tree this year.  Playing with K’NEX increases fine motor skills, and helps with neuro-pathway development.  Because the instructions are pictures not words, even children who cannot read can put together K’NEX.

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