Holiday Outdoor Decorating with Treasures from Sears #CBias

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Rosie and I love to decorate for holidays!  In the basement, I have tubs of fun themed decorations – some for each holiday.  When one celebration ends, we pull out the tubs and start the enjoyable job of transforming our house from ordinary to magical!  At least in the eyes of a six year old.


If you are decorating with a child, my best tip is to let go of any “House Beautiful” ambitions and embrace the journey!  The destination is not to be magazine perfect, the journey is to enjoy all the moments of celebration with your child.  From the first time Rosie put a group of stickers in the bottom 8 inches of our front door instead of perfectly “random” placements and balance, I realized that if I was going to enjoy this – and more importantly, Rosie was going to enjoy this – I had to let go!


Rosie is six years old and much more interested in (and delighted by) our outdoor decorations and lights.  To plan my shopping trip (Black Friday crowds necessitate precise planning, hehehe) I went to the Sears website.  I was amazed by the choice of whimsical decorations.  Who knew, right?  There is a wide range of themes from sophisticated to cartoons.


I’m sure, soon enough, Rosie will be rolling her eyes and saying, “ohhhh, mom!” to cute, corny decorations, so I want to take advantage of it, when I can.  I was instantly drawn to the listings on the Sears website for items with music and/or animation.  What child (of any age) doesn’t like movement and sound?


I’m a big Peanuts fan so this one jumped out at me figuratively and literally!  The mailbox opens and closes, with an adorable Woodstock.
But then, we’re big Disney fans… what about this mouse-ster?
These pathway markers are so fun!  Look at these colors and designs!


Okay, time to shop!  The Sears store was an oasis in my Black Friday shopping.  There was free coffee (yup, they had me at “coffee” and free was like frosting on a cupcake).  Christmas music was playing, the staff was very friendly and helpful…  The display of trees and decorations gave me a good idea of what the peanuts and Disney items would look like.


A working display of the pathway musical bells sold me on those.


More to come!  Pictures of our finished project!  Stay tuned….

Browse the Sears Holiday Shop, you’ll be surprised and inspired!  Before I went to the site, I didn’t know Sears sold live trees online!  And Christopher Radko ornaments!

Looking for more inspiration? People are posting their pictures at this website, Sear’s Cheer.  Post yours, or check it out for ideas!

Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias 


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    Jenn Desrochers says:

    I love that Snoopy mailbox!

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