International Home + Housewares Show Highlights, Part 2! New from Keurig, Cake Boss, Soda Stream and more!

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I couldn’t fit all the photos from my first day at the International Home + Housewares Show in one post!  So here’s part 2 with some of my stand-outs:

Camp Chef

I am over-the-moon excited about this fire pit from Camp Chef. It looks amazing. Technically, it’s called a coffee table that converts to a fire pit, because it has a lid that fits over the fire portion. I love, love, love the design of this product. It’s perfect for a chic, outdoor fireplace on your deck. Next to my pool…. just sayin’… it would look perfect… just sayin’…


Less romantic than the fire pit, but oh-how-important if you live with someone who snores *ahem, ahem*, is the SnoreBeGone from the Protect-A-Bed people. These guys know sleep! It’s a sleep positioning system that stops snoring! See the man in the picture on the tv above the bed? Your arm, goes in that slot. It’s raised/slanted so your head is elevated, as well.

Fresh Wave 2

One of my all-time favorite companies is Fresh Wave. I love their natural air freshener. I stopped by their booth to see what’s new and LOVE this newly designed holder. How pretty is that?

Charles Viancin

Speaking of pretty, we all care about sustainability and putting less waste in the landfills, yes? Well these products from Charles Viancin let you store food without using plastic wrap. And they are pretty. I was amazed at the seal that they created on bowls, glasses, pans, etc. Amazing!

Cake Boss

Cake Boss 3

One of the most popular booths at the show is Cake Boss. Delicious and beautiful pastries! I had an ah-delicious cannoli. Yummmmy! The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, has created a new line of cakeware.

Robert Irvine Picture

Robert Irvine Knives

My husband’s favorite chef is Robert Irvine. Sadly, Mr. Irvine wasn’t at the event, but I did see his line of knives. Impressive!

Fiesta Lapis

I had to check out the new color of Fiesta dinnerware. As you probably know from all of my food posts, I use (and love) Fiesta. If you have children, or even if you don’t, I highly recommend Fiesta. It is not only durable and pretty, it is FUN. Fun with a capital, “FUN”. My daughter loves, setting the table and deciding who gets what color. I’m excited to try their new one – Lapis, will be available June, 2013.

Soda Stream

Soda Stream refrigAnother one of my favorite brands is SodaStream and they have something new this year with their “soda caps”. It’s a bit like the Keurig pod – a single serving flavoring for your SodaStream carbonated water. Also new is the flavors of Crystal Light and Country Time! What had me super excited however was the Soda Stream dispenser in a refrigerator!! Hey, put that in my Maytag, please!


Who doesn’t love BabyCakes? And you know how I love Disney! Check out this Mickey-shaped red velvet waffle cake pop thingie. Yes, I should have gotten a better description, but hey, once I saw this, everything but eating it, flew out of my head. Can you blame me?

Keurig Frothing

Keurig Rivo

Well, what goes with a red velvet waffle cake? Coffee, of course. You know how I feel about Keurig *heart thump*. I might give up my husband, before I give up my Keurig. Shhhhh….. who said that? Well, hold on to your hats, if you love lattes, cappuchino, or espresso. Keurig has a new coffee maker that makes delicious, I mean deeeee-licious, lattes. And easy!! Peasey!! And fast! Take a peek… I’m giddy!

Panasonic Massagers

The International Home + Housewares Show is huge. Super huge. Yes, my feet hurt. And I’m not the only one. This booth was quite popular. The line was too long for me to try these out, but tomorrow is another day *grin*.

West Bend Popcorn

To finish up my day, I couldn’t pass up this one from WestBend. If you ever wondered whether they have unusual food samples at the Housewares Show, this one says it all!

Did you see Part One with highlights from Contigo, Aladdin, Nambe and more?

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