How Maytag Makes My Day – It’s Not My Momma’s Maytag! Saving Time with Quick Cooking and Cleaning Options! #MaytagMoms

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Maytag Microwave Cup of Tea

Starting off with breakfast, when my eyes are barely open, Maytag begins to make my life easier.  This morning, I stumbled down the steps and made a hot cup of tea in my Maytag microwave.  Cold weather has hit Chicago in a big way.  We’ve been having near or below zero wind chills.  Brrrr!  Tea with honey is my winter comfort beverage and this morning I was reaching for that mug.



Before being chosen as a Maytag product ambassador, our microwave sat on a shelf, in line with our cabinets.  The microwave itself was huge. My husband loves to make chili and stuffed peppers in a pottery cooker and often reheats it in the microwave.  The cooker is similar to the insert of a Crock Pot.  The must-have for our microwave was that the pottery-thingie fit in it.  When Maytag asked us to let them install an over-the-range model, we were shocked (pleasantly) to find that his pottery dish fit in it!  First test down.  With our cabinet design, the new microwave wasn’t going to fit, but with a few modifications we could make it work.  Because I was getting rid of the microwave shelf, I could replace it with a new storage cabinet.  Yay, more cabinet space!  As it worked out, (I wish I could say I planned it but it was luck), having that cabinet right above the dishwasher was perfect!  It’s so easy now to unload the dishwasher *happy smile*.

But back to the microwave… The first thing we noticed about the Maytag microwave was the stainless interior.  I always heard,”never, never, absolutely never, put metal in a microwave”.  So it kind of freaks me out that the whole interior is metal.  But Maytag knows what they’re doing, so I’m good with it.  Well actually, I’m great with it. because wow, is it easy to clean and it looks spectacular.  I know, I’m over-the-top again, saying the inside of a microwave is “spectacular”.  Sorry, can’t help it.

Beyond the stainless interior, the fun thing about the microwave is the inside plate.  I know, I’m an appliance-nerd now, but it’s cool.  Instead of a circular glass plate inside the microwave – which wastes a ton of space – there is a rectangular, huge plate.  It accommodates a 10 x 15 pan!  But how does it spin around to heat the food evenly, you ask?  Rectangles don’t spin, you say?  You’re right, they don’t, but the Maytag microwave has a very cool motion of going up and back, left and right, so your food still heats evenly but you are able to use every inch of space!  Many times the height of a microwave results in wasted space when you are just heating up a plate, but the Maytag designers dealt with that as well!  There is a shelf.  Sounds silly to be excited about a shelf, but seriously, how smart is that?  Now you can heat up two plates of food at the same time!  *slapping forehead*  How simple and smart is that?

Sensor Cooking

One feature that I know my mom never dreamed of when she bought her first Maytag is the Sensor Cooking.  A sensor in the microwave oven detects moisture released from food as it heats, and adjusts the cooking time accordingly.  Jetson moment!  It’s lunchtime and I have leftover take-out of Japanese noodles.  This is when the Sensor Cooking is most used in our house, reheating leftovers.  I put a bowl of the noodles in the microwave and hit two buttons, “dinner plate” and “start”.  That’s it.  No trying to figure out how many minutes/seconds… no trying a minute, checking, trying another 30 seconds, checking, adding another minute.  Two buttons, and perfectly heated lunch.  Oh, yeah, it’s not my momma’s Maytag!

We have used the microwave for everything from softening butter to cooking lasagna.  We find ourselves using it much more often than our old one, partly because it is so easy.  There are handy time savers like a one button push to “add 30 secs”.

Rosie comes home from school and it’s snack time.  You know from my refrigerator post how much I love the Maytag refrigerator with the snack drawer.  Yup, happy kid gets to choose her own snack.  Happy mom says, “Sure, honey, anything you want from the snack drawer, except the pop.”  Happy, happy, happy.  Not my momma’s Maytag.  My mom had to say over and over, “Don’t watch the refrigerator!  It’s not a television, take what you want and close the door, things are melting!”  Not happy.

raw lasagna

lasagna long shot

dishwasher dirty

What is the biggest challenge for a dishwasher?  How about a lasagna pan?  I have an over-sized white ceramic baker.  The description on the box says, “This large baker comes with extra large handles…”  It’s big.  The dimensions are 13″L x 9.25″W!  And guess what?  It easily fits in my microwave!  I didn’t have much time to cook dinner, so I picked up a frozen lasagna at the store, popped it into my lasagna pan.  Into my Maytag microwave and less than a half hour later, we are sitting down to a delicious dinner.  After a yummy meal like that, clean-up isn’t my favorite chore.  But the dishwasher makes it much, much easier.  I just scrape the bigger pieces of food into the trash and put the dishes straight into the dishwasher.  No pre-rinsing.  Sweet!  The Jetclean Plus Steam cycle utilizes high-pressure spray jets and increased temperatures to power through stuck-on food while reducing spots on glassware.  And the dishwasher is so quiet, I can run it while we watch tv in the next room without a problem.  Then it’s finished before we go to bed and if I have the energy I can unload it and start the next day with an empty dishwasher.

dishwasher clean

We are officially a Maytag household.  We not only have Maytag kitchen appliances, we also have a Maytag washer and dryer (that I love, love, love!).  This is the last post in my series about Maytag appliances, but because they are such a part of my life now, you will still be seeing them in future posts and pictures.  It’s difficult to describe the difference it makes in my kitchen and my attitude to have beautiful, working, matching appliances.  I feel badly to admit that I didn’t make the effort in the past to create that atmosphere in the heart of my home – the kitchen.  I just didn’t know that it mattered.  Even after experiencing the difference, I feel a little silly, saying that it has made such an impact.  Who knew?  I would hope that I wouldn’t be superficial or materialistic.  It’s similar to the feeling you have when you’re wearing new shoes, a new outfit, your nails are polished, your makeup is (I started to say perfect, but realistically for me, just “on” is a major improvement!) appropriate.  Do you know the feeling I mean?  Somehow you feel more “together”, capable, competent, and strong.  Okay, now I’m saying appliances have made me feel strong?  I know, I know, it’s silly.  But somehow true.  Anyway, enough psych-babble!

My New Kitchen!

My New Kitchen!


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Disclosure of Material Connection:  All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.  I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag.  I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.

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