I Love My Keurig Coffee Brewer!

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…shaking hands… weak footsteps… unfocused eyes…

Yes, that is me without my Keurig.  Saturday, I started to make a cup of delicious Donut Shop coffee in my Keurig coffee brewer.  And?  NOTHING CAME OUT!!  Yikes!!

My “Repair Philosophy” for appliances that don’t work, is to turn them off.  Pretend nothing happened.  Wait.  A day.  Confidently turn on again, use positive visualization, hoping it has healed itself.  Surprisingly enough that works sometimes.  Sadly enough, it didn’t work this time.

Sunday morning, I try again.  Confidently turning on the brewer, putting in a new K-Cup, touching the “Brew” button as if nothing happened out-of -the-ordinary yesterday….  And?  Nothing happened.  Nothing.  No coffee.  No delicious, steaming hot, smelling terrific, Donut Shop coffee.  I brushed aside a tear, unplugged the brewer and started over.  And?  Nothing.

Okay, now this calls for desperate measures.  I pull out the Instruction Manual.  It has a number of steps to “Troubleshoot”, but nothing helps.  Ah, wait, a phone number!  I can call someone!  But it’s Sunday…  Oh well, worth a try.  I dial the number in the manual and a very pleasant man answers and takes all my information then transfers me.  Uh oh, I think, here we go, the old transfer trick.  But no, I get transferred to a lovely woman – not named Peggy, not speaking with a heavy accent.  She walks me through a number of steps, helping patiently when I have no clue what she is talking about.  Then she says……

We’ll be immediately sending you a replacement brewer.

???  Pick me up off the floor!! ???  Seriously???  But I haven’t argued.  I haven’t begged.  I haven’t told you cute stories about my daughter.  Well, maybe one.  You are sending me a replacement brewer???  Another Keurig???  I’m dreaming.  I must be dreaming???  This wonderful woman, who I now love dearly, is going to send me a whole new brewer!  But I haven’t threatened to tweet to my bazillion followers.  I haven’t threatened to update my Facebook status with my tales of woe.  I don’t have any woe!  Whoa!  This is awesome!  More than awesome!  The lovely lady tells me that I need to send in my cup holder to prove ownership, but I don’t need to send back the whole brewer.  And they won’t wait for it to arrive, they will send out a replacement brewer immediately.  r-e-p-l-a-c-e-m-e-n-t b-r-e-w-e-r.

Wow, Keurig.  I was in love with you before, but now?  Wow, Keurig!  You rock!

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    oh wow I guess I should have done that too …… I tried to clean it a few times but nothing helped. I ended up throwing it out and buying another one (yes I am crazy but I love the coffee)

    I really need to be a little more “pro-active” when things like this happen. But since I have very hard water and I couldn’t be absolutely positive that filtered/bottled water was used every time I “assumed” it was something we did. Next time (and hopefully there isn’t a next time) I will call too.
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  2. 2

    WOW that is great customer service which is very hard to come by these days!! I love my Keurig not sure what I would do with out it.

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    Karry Brown says:

    This is awesome news to read! I have been a customer for 3 yrs and I will never drink another companies coffee! Even took our Keurig to a friends house whom we drink coffee with and both couples purchased the Keurig the next day. You can say we have Keurig IV’s attached to us!!!

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