I’ll have a hamburger and a smallfrys, please.

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I *heart* house-guests! Sean’s sister and her husband are here to visit us. We love seeing them, they live an airplane ride away but we manage to get together at least twice a year. When they come to visit, it gives us an excuse to visit all our favorite places and we enjoy a “staycation” ourselves!

House-guests. or rather the impending arrival of house-guests, also give me the motivation for what I call The Perfect Storm. By the time they arrive I have, 1. a clean house; 2. all my laundry done; 3. my hair colored. Without the motivation of out-of-town guests, those three happening simultaneously is about as frequent as The Perfect Storm.

While I was cleaning yesterday, with Rosie helping me… Have you ever had a four year old help you clean? Kind of like that dance – two-steps-forward, one-step-back. Knowing that company was arriving in hours, I became what Rosie and I call “impatient”. Then I remembered, smallfrys. A box had come from our wonderful UPS man and I’d hidden it away for just an occasion like this. “Rosie, if you will sit and watch Phineas and Ferb while Mommy cleans, I have a surprise for you.” Rosie, “Is it a toy? Is it a treat?” “I can’t tell, it’s a surprise! You’ll just have to wait.” Ah, magic.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has a new limited edition collection of furry friends called smallfrys.  Smallfrys come in an adorable container shaped just like a fast food french fry envelope that has “nutritional friendship information” on the back.

Rosie loved her “Endless Hugs Teddy” that she promptly renamed Rainbow Sherbet. There are seven more smallfrys, all absolutely adorable!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Build-A-Bear without fashion! There are shirts, jeans, hoodies, leggings and more.

Disclosure:  The lovely Build-A-Bear Workshop sent Rosie an Endless Hugs Smallfry.

Added Note:  To read about a company that cares, this is what Build-A-Bear Chief Exec Bear Maxine did to help a fellow blogger and her family. http://theroyalfamily.consumerqueen.com/2010/09/thank-you-buildabear-chiefexecbear-cqrelief/


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    I Love my Cinnamon Swirl Bunny smallfrys, I named her Cecelia and she is the younger sister of my older 1 year old Cinnamon Swirl Bunny Lili :3

  2. 2

    OH MY!!! Too cute

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