I’m Leaving My Husband…

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I’m leaving my husband… so I can marry him again at Disney World.  It would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it?  It would be a dream come true to attend a wedding at Disney World.  For me, it was a dream come true to attend a renewal of vows at Disney World!  

As part the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I was a guest as a couple renewed their vows in the Disney Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  It was so beautiful *sniff* *sniff*.  (Weddings always make me cry.)

My favorite part was the Cinderella carriage.  Wow.  So pretty!!!


David Tutera, star of My Fair Wedding, talked about the newest trends in weddings and what he expects to see in colors for 2012.  Vibrant red is his prediction for the hot color.

Here’s a bride’s-eye-view…  wouldn’t you love to walk this aisle? I would!

If you want to dream learn more, there are gorgeous pictures at the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings website,  click here.

Disclosure:  I am attending the Moms  Disney Social Media Celebration conference.  Although I paid a fee to attend, as part of the conference, I am receiving complimentary items special discounts and other benefits.  Thank you, Disney!


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    That would be a wonderful wedding for sure! Heck going to Disney would be nice!

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    Ben and I are renewing our vows in 2013 at The Grand Floridian!!! I can’t wait after seeing the ceremony Thursday!!!! I am having soooooo much fun down here. I don’t want to go home!!!

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      Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You says:

      That is so cool, Sarah! It was hard to come home…. It went by so fast. Now I’m starting to think about how to sign up for next year ;)

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    Oh man, I want to do this!!

    Stumbled you! My post is: http://www.keenlykristin.com/2011/03/top-ten-baseball-movies-in-ten-daystil.html

    Kristin :)

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    That’s wonderful!!
    I will read this to hubby, maybe!!
    I stumbled your post. Here is mine:
    Hopping into spring activities

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    Wow!!! What a great post with fantastic pictures. Love reading your stuff.

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    Thanks ~
    Reading with Joey

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    Isn’t the wedding pavillion beautiful? I’d love to do that too but I have a feeling my husband wouldn’t go for it! I love watching brides get their photos taken at the Grand Floridian too.

    I stumbled you. :) My post is at http://visitmickey.net/2011/02/06/best-times-to-visit-walt-disney-world/

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    Your title scared me, whew I was relieved when I read it!

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    First I thought, I’m not interested in Disney weddings and then I saw the Cinderella Carriage and my whole face and inner being lit up! So funny! We never fully grow up. The little girl inside of me would be absolutely delighted to be driven around waving and smiling to people. Heaven!

    Stumbled you! Here’s mine – it’s funny…

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    I thought about having a Disney Wedding before I got married. They are truly beautiful!!

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    Beautiful. I’m so envious!
    I stumbled you.
    Here’s my post:

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